Published Posts

Posts are listed in descending order of publication:

2178. Ripping Open Pregnant Women
2177. Human Rights in the Old Testament
2176. Amos’ Occupation
2175. The Challenges of Fatherhood
2174. Studies on Hezekiah, King of Judah
2173. Free Book
2172. Israel and Canaanite Religion
2171. Congratulations Class of 2014
2170. The Cost of Discipleship
2169. The Myth of the Empty Land
2168. Studying the Old Testament
2167. The Book of Ruth
2166. Slavery and the Dignity of Human Beings
2165. Free Book
2164. Patriarchy and the Problem of Honor Killing
2163. Egyptian Diet
2162. Sennacherib’s Letter to God
2161. Israel in the Days of the Judges
2160. Studies on Left-handedness in the Hebrew Bible
2159. Studies on Moses
2158. The Jehoash Inscription Returns to Oded Golan
2157. The Destruction of Assyrian Culture
2156. The IVP Dictionary of the Old Testament Bundle
2155. Israel in the Book of Judges
2154. The Looting of the National Museum in Baghdad
2153. Women and the Book of Deuteronomy
2152. David and Tamar
2151. A Mother’s Agony: The Story of Jeroboam’s Wife
2150. A New Egyptian Tomb
2149. Studies on Old Testament Mothers
2148. The Stronghold of Zion
2147. Honor Killing: The Rape of Dinah
2146. Studies on the God Who Loses
2145. The Jesus’ Wife Papyrus: A Hoax
2144. Studies on the Deuteronomic Concern for Women
2143. Studies on the Religious Reforms of Josiah
2142. Glen Stassen (1936-2014)
2141. A Seal from the Time of Sargon II
2140. Welcome Back!
2139. Free Book
2138. Let the Walls Fall
2137. A Stonemason’s Chisel from the Second Temple
2136. Absalom, Tamar’s Vindicator
2135. The Suffering of the Crucified
2134. Was King Tut the Pharaoh of the Exodus?
2133. Passover and Easter
2132. Tamar, the Victim of Rape
2131. The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife
2130. An Important Archaeological Discovery: A Seal of Seti I
2129. Syncretism in the Old Testament
2128. Amnon the Rapist
2127. Suing Israel for the Damage Caused by the Ten Plagues in Egypt
2126. The Flood Story: Test Your Knowledge
2125. An Egyptian Tomb from the Time of Moses
2124. Randy Tumblin
2123. “Noah”: The Movie and the Book of Genesis
2122. David’s Family
2121. A Lodging Place in the Desert
2120. The Rape of Tamar
2119. Ritual Wand with Human Face
2118. Are Biblioblogs Dying?
2117. Pi Day
2116. Animal Mummification in Ancient Egypt
2115. The Ethics of Jesus
2114. New Dead Sea Scrolls Parchments
2113. Weights and Measures in Israel
2112. Micah’s Hope for the Future
2111. Noah: The Movie
2110. Studies on Isaiah 7:14 and the Sign of Immanuel
2109. Finding Your Way
2108. The Worship of Other Gods
2107. Moses’ Cushite Wife
2106. The Bigamy of Lamech
2105. Old Testament Essentials
2104. Micah and His Time
2103. Micah, the Prophet of the Poor
2102. Forced Labor Under Solomon
2101. Gershon Galil on the Ophel Inscription
2100. Studies on Psalm 103
2099. N. T. Wright on Preaching from Paul
2098. Studies on God and the Problem of Natural Evil
2097. Amenhotep III and His Son
2096. Child Sacrifice at Carthage and in Israel
2095. Biblical Studies Carnival – January 2014
2094. Studies on Transvestism in Ancient Israel
2093. Ideal and Dangerous Sisters in the Bible
2092. How Israel Became a People
2091. Immanuel: God Is With Us
2090. The Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library
2089. The Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Project
2088. The Genetic Manhunt for Adam
2087. The Presence of Immanuel
2086. Studies on Antony Flew
2085. Ancient Church Discovered in Israel
2084. Studies on the Name of God
2083. The Birth of Immanuel
2082. Symbols of Fertility and Abundance at Ur
2081. Discovering a New Egyptian Pharaoh
2080. New Books by Walter Brueggemann
2079. Bible Gateway Bible Profs News
2078. The Son of God – The Movie
2077. Yahweh, The Breaker of Israel
2076. The Virgin Shall Conceive: A Study of Isaiah 7:14
2075. Studies on Jeremiah and Hananiah
2074. In Search of the Ark of the Covenant
2073. The Sign of Immanuel (Isaiah 7:14) – Part 2
2072. The Sign of Immanuel (Isaiah 7:14) – Part 1
2071. The Virgin Birth — And More
2070. Prayers to Yeshua, the Messiah of Israel
2069. The Clay Jug Inscription
2068. Top Fifty Blogs by Theology Professors
2067. Studies on the Death of Bathsheba’s Child
2066. Giraffe for Dinner
2065. The Colors of the Tabernacle
2064. The Top Ten Archaeological Discoveries of 2013
2063. King Solomon’s Cheap Wine
2062. The Messenger of Good News
2061. Happy New Year – 2014
2060. Reading the Bible in 2014 – A Second Invitation
2059. Studies on Deborah
2058. Spiritual Warfare
2057. Where Did Cain Find His Wife?
2056. Studies on The Long Day of Joshua
2055. Christmas: Good News of Great Joy
2054. The Christian Explanation for the Twelve Days of Christmas
2053. Biblical Fonts – A Must for All Computers
2052. Bible Gateway Blogger Grid
2051. The Philistine Marketplace at Ashkelon
2050. God According to God
2049. Studies on the Women Prophets in the Old Testament
2048. The Seven Prophetesses of the Old Testament
2047. The Great Sphinx Covered with Snow
2046. Advent Sermons 2013 – The Book of Isaiah
2045. The World’s Oldest Port
2044. Reading the Bible in 2014
2043. Swords: Their Development and Use
2042. Studies on the Mutilation of Women in the Hebrew Bible
2041. Studies on Micah the Prophet
2040. Images of Planet Earth
2039. Malachi and His Book
2038. Popular Biblical Names
2037. Vandalism at the Egyptian Museum
2036. Peacocks or Baboons?
2035. Women Prophets: A Postscript
2034. Biblical Carnival – November 2013
2033. Studies on Hosea
2032. An Ancient Village in Israel
2031. Let the Redeemed of the Lord Say So
2030. A Canaanite Wine Cellar
2029. Jerusalem on IMAX
2028. Shiloh
2027. Prophecy and the Spirit of God
2026. Miriam the Prophetess
2025. The James Ossuary and Vandalism
2024. I Am Back
2023. A Note to Readers
2022. Slavery in the Twenty-First Century
2021. Female Tattooing in Ancient Egypt
2020. A Problem with My Blog
2019. Nerik, the Holy City of the Hittites
2018. Archaeology and the Bible
2017. Nailed to the Cross
2016. The God of Deuteronomy
2015. The Nameless Prophetesses in the Book of Ezekiel
2014. Studies on Amos
2013. The Ancient Kingdom of Idu
2012. Noadiah the Prophetess
2011. The Rabbis’ View on Huldah the Prophetess
2010. Monotheism and the Faith of Israel
2009. Samson and the Gate of Gaza
2008. God’s Wife
2007. Huldah’s Oracle
2006. Honoring Our Past
2005. The Trial of Abraham
2004. King Solomon’s Mines
2003. Huldah the Prophetess
2002. Biblical Studies Carnival
2001. The Syrian Crisis and the Second Coming of Christ
2000. Isaiah’s Wife
1999. The Problem of Forgery of Biblical Artifacts
1998. Deciphering the Ugaritic Language
1997. Church Music: Hymns and Praise Songs
1996. Women Prophets in the Hebrew Bible
1995. You Shall Not Murder
1994. Parataxis in the Book of Genesis
1993. The Cross of Jesus
1992. The Ophel Inscription
1991. National Theodicy
1990. My New Book – Rereading the Biblical Text
1989. The Masculinity of God
1988. Authority – A Book Review
1987. Have Archaeologists Discovered Elisha’s House?
1986. Jewett’s Commentary on Romans
1985. Christians and the Laws of the Old Testament
1984. Sex in Leviticus
1983. King David’s Palace
1982. The Death of John D. W. Watts
1981. God and the Goddess
1980. Archaeology Goes to Trial
1979. The Gender of God
1978. A Sphinx Discovered at Hazor
1977. Allegorizing the Parables
1976. The Passive Qal
1975. The Missionary to Atheists
1974. Maternal Language for God in Deutero-Isaiah
1973. Let the Bible Be the Bible: A Rejoinder
1972. The Lost Faces of the Bible
1971. Feminine Imagery for God
1970. What a Mess!
1969. Paul and the Muzzling of the Ox
1968. Cain and His Offering
1967. Rereading the Biblical Text
1966. Does God Exist?
1965. Elijah’s Depression
1964. Shechem
1963. Dashing Babies Against the Rocks
1962. Breaking News From Genesis 3:13, 16
1961. The Inheritance of Abraham
1960. Does God Speak Audibly?
1959. The Gabriel Stone
1958. Robert Alter and the Translation of the Bible
1957. The Servant Songs of Isaiah
1956. Blogging Again
1955. The Geographical Challenges of the Sinai
1954. The Conviction of Raphael Golb
1953. Simcha Jacobovici’s Lawsuit
1952. The Marriage of the Prophet Hosea
1951. The Prophet Amos
1950. The End of My Sabbatical
1949. The Jehoash Inscription
1948. We the People
1947. God and Human Reason
1946. Thomas Mann’s “Joseph and His Brothers”
1945. A Messianic Interpretation of Genesis 2:4
1944. “The Lord said to my lord”
1943. Adonai
1942. Domestic Abuse in Christian Homes
1941. Politics in the Hebrew Bible
1940. “Leave Me Alone”
1939. The English of the King James Bible
1938. A Man Fighting a Lion
1937. The Philistines
1936. Severed Human Hands
1935. On Sabbatical
1934. An Archaeological Discovery About Bethlehem
1933. The Lost Tombs of the Maccabees
1932. Drunk-Driving and the Old Testament
1931. The Samson Mosaic
1930. The Remains of John the Baptist
1929. The Iron Age I Structure on Mt. Ebal
1928. The Debate Between Maximalists and Minimalists
1927. The Calvinism Debate
1926. Golden Coin Found at Tel Kedesh
1925. The Temple in Chronicles
1924. Whose Cloak Did Ahijah Tear?
1923. “It is I; do not be afraid.”
1922. The Mattanyahu Seal
1921. Hagbahah: Lifting the Torah
1920. Four Pillars and Four Cities
1919. Scot McKnight Announces His Appointment
1918. Scot McKnight Joins Northern Seminary
1917. The Challenges of Blogging
1916. Azazel
1915. Horses in the Ancient Near East
1914. Next Year in Jerusalem
1913. Theodore Beza on Psalm 121
1912. The Case Against Oded Golan: Acquitted
1911. New Discoveries at Ur
1910. Finals’ Week – Again
1909. The Pessimistic Literature of the Ancient Near East
1908. The Beautiful People of the Bible
1907. The Royal Garden at Ramat Rahel
1906. March Biblical Studies Carnival
1905. Ancient Jewelry Discovered at Megiddo
1904. The Burial Site of Jesus’ Disciples
1903. A Bronze Helmet from the Time of Neco
1902. Sugarcoating the Bible
1901. A Sumerian Temple at Ur
1900. The Character of the God of the Old Testament
1899. The Embodiment of God in the Hebrew Bible
1898. Violence and the Fall of the Akkadian Empire
1897. The God of the Old Testament: The Instant Executioner
1896. Sacrifices at Tel Dan
1895. God’s Favorite Prayers – The Kindle Edition
1894. The Septuagint and the Hebrew Bible
1893. The Rape of Bilhah
1892. “Wikipedia is not ‘truth’”
1891. The Queen of Sheba and Her Fabled Goldmine
1890. <a href=””>Why God Allows Himself To Lose
1889. The Hill of Jonah
1888. Female Slaves in the Hebrew Bible
1887. Tu Bi-Shebat
1886. The Acts of God
1885. Hapax Legomena and Zipf’s Law
1884. The Mention of Israel in an Egyptian Monument
1883. What the Bible Teaches About Capitalism
1882. The New Moses
1881. Sex, Beer, and Politics
1880. Ur and Haran: Abraham’s Background

More to come

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