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Brueggemann spirituality-of-the-psalms

Logos Bible Software is offering Walter Brueggemann’s book Spirituality of the Psalms for free during the month of June. The following is a description of Brueggemann’s book as it appears on Logos web page:

Explore the Psalms with one of the world’s foremost OT scholars, Walter Brueggemann. Using a model of “orientation, disorientation, new orientation,” Brueggemann provides insights into how the Psalms’ genres can be viewed in terms of their function.

Logos is also offering Brueggemann’s book David’s Truth: In Israel’s Imagination and Memory for only $0.99. The following is a description of Brueggemann’s book as it appears on Logos web page:

In this volume, Walter Brueggemann thoughtfully examines four different sets of David narratives. Each story reflects a particular social context, social hope, and community. You’ll discover four distinct “modes of truth” concerning this pivotal biblical figure.

If you use Logos Bible Software, you should add these two books to your collection. If you like reading Walter Brueggemann, two books for $0.99 is a bargain.

You can get your free book by visiting Logos Bible Software online.

Claude Mariottini
Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary

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