Free Books

Free Book: R. Albert Mohler Jr., ed. God and the Gay Christian? A Response to Matthew Vines. Louisville: SBTS Press, 2014.

Free Book: Walter Brueggemann, Spirituality of the Psalms. Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2001. Note: This book is a Logos Software edition and is available during June 2014 only.

Free Book: Israel Finkelstein, The Forgotten Kingdom: The Archaeology and History of Northern Israel. Atlanta: The Society of Biblical Literature, 2013.

Free Book: Michael Kozuh, Wouter F. M. Henkelman, Charles E. Jones, and Christopher Woods, eds. Extraction & Control: Studies in Honor of Matthew W. Stolper. Studies in Ancient Oriental Civilization 68. Chicago: The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, 2014.

Free Book: Virginia Rimmer Herrmann and J. David Schloen, eds., In Remembrance of Me: Feasting with the Dead in the Ancient Middle East. Chicago: The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, 2014.

Free Book: Hisako Kinukawa, ed., Migration and Diaspora: Exegetical Voices of Women in Northeast Asian Countries. Atlanta, SBL Press, 2014.

Jason M. Silverman and Caroline Waerzeggers, editors, Political Memory in and after the Persian Empire.

Free Book: Lester L. Grabbe, A History of the Jews and Judaism in the Second Temple Period. Volume 1. Yehud: A History of the Persian Province of Judah. The Library of Second Temple Studies. London: T&T Clark, 2011.

Marvin A. Sweeney, Isaiah 1-39: Isaiah 1-39 with an Introduction to Prophetic Literature.

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