Next Year in Jerusalem

In December I am planning to take a group of people to Israel. This will be my fourth time visiting the land of the Bible, and this time, it will be as exciting as it was the first time I visited the land flowing with milk and honey.

Visiting Israel is always a trip of a lifetime. This trip is a joint venture of and Northern Baptist Seminary. However, this trip to Israel is open to everyone. You do not have to be a seminary student to participate. Our trip to the Holy Land will be from December 27, 2012 to January 5, 2013.

During this trip, we will be visiting the most important sites in Israel. Among the Old Testament sites, we will be visiting Jericho, Dan, Hazor, Megiddo, Plains of Jezreel, Bet Shean, Joppa (The City of Jonah), Mt. Gilboa, the Valley of Aijalon, Jerusalem, Masada, Qumran, and Mount Hermon.

Among the New Testament sites we will be visiting are Tiberias, Galilee, Sea of Galilee, Caesarea Philippi, Bethlehem, Nazareth, Mount of Olives, and Bethany.

In addition, we will be visiting several other sites of interest. Among them are the Yad Vashem (Holocaust Museum), the Western Wall, the Dead Sea, the Jordan River, the Shrine of the Book where the Dead Sea Scrolls manuscripts are kept, the Temple Institute (the place where they are making instruments for the new Temple), the Church of the Nativity, Mount of the Beatitudes, the Old City (Jerusalem), the Via Dolorosa, the Dome of the Rock, concluding with a celebration of the Lord’s Supper at the Garden Tomb.

I am planning to write a book, The Land Flowing with Milk and Honey, which I will make available to everyone going on the trip. The book will discuss the sites we will be visiting and some other interesting things about Israel and the people of the Bible.

The trip is available to every reader of my blog. The flight will leave from Chicago, but one can make connections from anywhere in the United States.  Since the group will spend the New Year in Israel, the popular saying will become a reality for all those who travel with us: “Next Year in Jerusalem.”

If you want to receive more information about the tour, send me an email to  I will send you a brochure with all the information you need to plan your trip

Claude Mariottini
Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary



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