A New Egyptian Tomb

New Tomb 1100 B.C. 2

Image: A New Tomb Found at Saqqara

News from Archaeology (Source: Fox News):

Archeologists have found a tomb dating back to around 1100 B.C. south of Cairo, Egypt’s Antiquities Ministry said Thursday.

Antiquities Minister Mohamed Ibrahim said that the tomb belongs to a guard of the army archives and royal messenger to foreign countries. Ibrahim said the Cairo University Faculty of Archaeology’s discovery at Saqqara adds “a chapter to our knowledge about the history of Saqqara.”

Ola el-Egeizy of Cairo University said the tomb contains “very nice inscriptions” of the funerary procession and the afterlife of the deceased.

The tomb was found near another one dating back to the same period belonging to the head of the army that was discovered in the previous excavation season. That tomb was larger but much of what remains is mud bricks as “most of its stone blocks were stolen and many of them are in museums all over the world,” said el-Egeizy. Because of the blocks, archaeologists had long known that the tomb existed though it was not uncovered until recently.

Saqqara was the necropolis for the ancient Egyptian city of Memphis and site of the oldest known pyramid in Egypt.

Claude Mariottini
Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary

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5 Responses to A New Egyptian Tomb

  1. Robert W says:

    “most of its stone blocks were stolen and many of them are in museums all over the world,”

    My, my! Does this mean these museums have stolen property?


    • Robert,

      Unfortunately, some museums have artifacts that were taken from Egypt illegally many years ago. However, the Egyptian government at times says that some material were taken illegally when in reality they were taken legally. But the fact remains: some museums have stolen property.

      Claude Mariottini


  2. I know this place, i was there so many times!


    • Julia,

      I am happy to know that you have been there. I have never visited Egypt, but I would love to visit that nation. I have met a few Egyptians and they are very nice people.

      Claude Mariottini


      • Egypt is wonderful . I have been there about 17-20 times, iand there are so many interesting places, great culture, and people, as you’ve said, very kind.

        Thank you! You should find time to visit it, specially Tiran Island and Cairo.)


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