Blogging Again

Today I return to blogging on a regular basis. I have said the same thing several times before, only to stop blogging for a while. But, this time I am committed to post with some regularity, even though I may not post every day.

Academic life can be very demanding. In addition to teaching every quarter, a professor has many other responsibilities, such as serving on academic committees, supervising students, and reading doctoral theses. These responsibilities require many hours of work and preparation.

In addition to these responsibilities, a professor has to read papers, grade exams, and prepare for classes. On top of all these things, a professor needs to read in order to keep abreast with development in his (or her) field. This does not include time to write for publication.

The reason for my absence from my blog is that I was on sabbatical last year working on three projects. I finished writing an article, “Acquiring Wealth in the Ancient Near East.” This article will appear in the Summer 2013 issue of the Biblical Illustrator.

I also finished the manuscript for my book, Rereading the Biblical Text: Searching for Meaning and Understanding. The book will be published in May by Wipf and Stock. During this academic year I am doing research for another book dealing with slave laws in the Old Testament. In addition to all of these things, I am in the process of editing a book tentatively titled The God of the Old Testament.

With all these things going on in my life, something had to give. It is for this reason that I had to cease blogging for a while in order to catch up with life.

Many of my students have asked me when I was planning to blog again. My students know that when we deal with issues of interpretation in class, I write a post in order to help them deal with these issues. I try to teach when I blog.

Many readers have sent me emails asking me the same question. I am grateful to know that some of you miss reading my posts and enjoy what I write. I want to assure you that I have not run out of ideas for my posts. I have run out of time to develop these ideas and post them in my blog.

As I return to blogging, I will try to post two or three times a week. If times allows, I may post more often than that. My goal is to be active again and eventually post every day.

My post today deals with an introduction to the four Servant Songs in Isaiah. I hope you enjoy learning more about these fascinating texts in the book of Isaiah.

Claude Mariottini
Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary

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2 Responses to Blogging Again

  1. Terri Snyder says:

    Yay!!!!!!! I thank my God for you!!!!!!!


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