>Perfume from the Time of Christ

A group of Franciscan archaeologists has found perfume vials that may be from time of Christ. The following is an excerpt from the news release:

Franciscan archaeologists digging in the biblical town of Magdala in present-day Israel say they have uncovered vials of perfume similar to those used by Mary Magdalene, the woman believed to have washed the feet of Jesus.

The group Studium Biblicum Franciscanum conducted the dig, in which scientists uncovered the perfumed ointments intact at the bottom of a dirt-filled swimming pool. They were found alongside other hair and make-up objects.

Father Stefano de Luca, lead archaeologist for the group said: “If chemical analyses confirm it, these could be perfumes and creams similar to those that Mary Magdalene or the sinner cited in the Gospel used to anoint Christ’s feet”

The claims that these Franciscan archaeologists are making are something that cannot be proved. Although the vials of perfume are similar to those that may have been used by the woman who washed Jesus’ feet, it will be almost impossible to prove that the oil used by the woman who anointed Christ’s feet was identical to the oil found in these containers.

Claude Mariottini
Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary

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1 Response to >Perfume from the Time of Christ

  1. mattdabbs says:

    >Maybe from this find we can finally get a better and more precise term than “spikenard.”


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