Number 10 in the World

Among the millions of blogs in the world, there are approximately 400 blogs dedicated to the study of the Bible. The Biblioblog Top 50 is the official ranking of biblical studies blogging.

This month, the Biblioblog Top 50 is celebrating its tenth anniversary. This is a milestone since the Biblioblog Top 50 is dedicated to inform the public about the work of the many bibliobloggers who dedicate their time and talent to provide some of the best biblical studies on the Internet.

The Biblioblog Top 50 for June 2018 has just been published and it is with great pleasure and a sense of humility that I would like to inform you that my blog has been listed as number 10 in the Biblioblog Top 50.

You, the faithful reader of this blog, are the reason for this ranking. Every day my blog is read by thousands of people around the world. At the present my blog has 3348 subscribers and at my last count, my blog is read in 142 different countries of the world.

You make this outreach possible. Whenever you place a link of my posts on your Facebook page or on your Twitter account, you make it possible for many people to visit my blog and read my posts.

The goal of my blog has not changed in these many years of blogging. My goal is to offer a Christian perspective of the Old Testament and offer the kind of biblical studies that can help pastors in their sermon preparation and help lovers of the Old Testament to gain a better understanding of its content.

Thank you for your help and support. Keep on sharing my posts with others and let us together share the message of the Old Testament with millions of people around the world.

Claude Mariottini
Emeritus Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary

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