>N.T. Wrong and the Bibliobloggers

>James Crossley has published an article, “N.T. Wrong and the Bibliobloggers,” in which he studies the “phenomenon of biblical scholars blogging,” that is, biblioblogging. Crossley uses N. T. Wrong’s blog as the basis for his study of biblioblogging.

The article was published in The Bible and Critical Theory, Volume 6, No. 1 (March 2010), Pages 3.1-3.15. The Bible and Critical Theory is published by Monash University ePress.

The following is the abstract of the article:

This article builds upon an earlier political analysis of the phenomenon of biblical scholars blogging (‘bibliobloggers’) by incorporating the pseudonymous biblioblogger, ‘N.T. Wrong’. Developing Herman and Chomsky’s Propaganda Model and various ideas concerning surveillance, it is clear Wrong was (and is) a stark opposite to the consistent trend among bibliobloggers that buys into the language and ideas of US-led power, most notably concerning the ‘war on terror’ and Orientalism. Through the pseudonymous persona, Wrong’s blog also ran counter to a culture of surveillance, of which blogging and related internet phenomena are now an integral part. While running counter to these trends in biblioblogging, Wrong became the exception proving the ‘rule’ of the Propaganda Model. Through bibliobloggers ignoring Wrong’s politics on issues relating to US foreign policy so central to the Propaganda Model (and while freely discussing equally ‘non-biblical’ topics), the analysis of biblioblogging as a reflection of the concerns of the Propaganda Model is reinforced. This is shown through dicussion of a number of Wrong’s blog entries and further suggestions are then made concerning the function of liberal and former leftist supporters of imperialism in relation to biblioblogging and the Propaganda Model.

The article is available online at Monash University ePress but readers have to pay to read the article.

Claude Mariottini
Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary

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2 Responses to >N.T. Wrong and the Bibliobloggers

  1. >I Thank God that you took up blogging. I get to learn from you even though I'm not in your classes.


  2. >Marcus,I wish you were in my classes. You are a person who truly wants to learn and I would love teaching you.Thank you for visiting my blog.Claude Mariottini


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