Finals Week

As you have noticed, I have not been able to post to the blog recently. Here at Northern Seminary, we are coming to the end of the Fall Quarter and this means that we are entering the week when research papers are due and finals are given to students.

Every quarter my students have to submit a research paper and in some of my classes, they also have to take a final exam. When the quarter ends, the real work of a professor begins. Now, it is the time to read papers and grade final exams. Grading is not easy work, because most students are sure they have written an A paper, even though the professor may say the paper is worth only a B or a C, or, horror of horrors, only a D (yes, I give Ds to my students when their papers do not meet the guidelines for the research paper).

Because of finals week, I have been extra busy with reading papers and preparing for the end of the quarter. In addition, last week I attended an all day seminar on how to use BibleWorks 8. It was a great seminar. I learned all the new features included in BibleWorks 8.

For the past two or three years, I used BibleWorks 7 and I enjoyed it. The new version of BibleWorks is great and has several new components. After classes are ended, I will review BibleWorks 8 in my blog. Even before I review it, I have to say that I strongly recommend BibleWorks 8 for pastors, seminary students, and anyone who desires to work with the biblical text in Hebrew and Greek, as well as in English.

Since this is finals week, I will probably not be able to post much this week. Once classes are over, I hope to post regularly. Until then, pray for my students.

Claude Mariottini
Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary

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