>Jim West and Mystical Numbers

>Jim West and I are going through a friendly dialogue about the mystical significance of Jim’s SBL registration number. And what I discovered in this dialogue is that Jim is not very familiar with mystical numbers.

Let me explain.

Jim’ SBL registration number is 173. Jim said that a SBL registration number “really does speak the truth.” So, according to him the number 173 represents the following: “1, well that’s obvious. 7, the number of perfection. 3, the Trinity.”

In reply, I wrote a post in which I said that the number 173 when added is 11. And then, I demonstrated the true meaning of the number 11 according to the Encyclopaedia Britannica and concluded that a SBL registration number “really does speak the truth.”

Jim replied and said that the numbers should not be added and that he stands by what he believes to be the real meaning of 173. In a post titled “It’s Not Addition,” Jim wrote:

“In contrast to Claude’s numerology of the SBL registration number, I protest that he proceeds incorrectly, adding when he shouldn’t have. Such issues can’t be solved by addition. Hence, I stand by my original statement and call on Claude to 1) repent, and 2) divulge his own registration number.”

Instead of repenting, I will teach Jim the real meaning of SBL mystical numbers.

Take the number 666, the number of the Beast and the Number the SBL assigned to Chris Heard.

The number 666 probably refers to the Roman Emperor Nero. The number 666 is attained by adding the corresponding numerical values for the letters that form the name Neron Kaisar in Aramaic. Adding the numerical value of each letter yields 666. So, the meaning of the number is in the addition. It is all a mater of addition.

Take the number 144,000, the number of the redeemed in Revelation 14:3.

Since the numbers 12 and 10 are perfect numbers in mystic numerology, the number 144,000 is composed of multiples of 12 and 10. The number is achieved by adding 12,000 individuals from each of the twelve tribes of Israel. The result is 144,000. Thus, the meaning of the number is in the addition. It is all a mater of addition.

Thus, the mystical symbolism of SBL registration number 173 is in the addition of 1, 7, and 3. The result is 11 and 11 stands for what the Encyclopaedia Britannica reveals.

So, when one is confronted with two international authorities of repute, Jim West and the Encyclopaedia Britannica, which authority will prevail? I stand with the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

By the way, my SBL registration number is 604, which adds up to 10. So, I am in good company.

Claude Mariottini
Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary


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2 Responses to >Jim West and Mystical Numbers

  1. Jim says:

    >repent, good brother, repent! before its too late!!!!;-)


  2. >Jim,I have seen the errors of my way. I repent in sackcloth and ashes.Claude Mariottini


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