>The Blogger Gender Gap


April DeConick at The Forbidden Gospels has declared that there is a “blogger gender gap” among bibliobloggers.

She wrote that after reading the new list of the Biblioblog Top 50, she “was struck by the fact that in that list of hundreds of names and blogs I am just about the only woman’s voice represented.” DeConick then asked: “Why are there so many male bibliobloggers? Why are there so few females on that list?” She answered her own question:

So this is my hypothesis. I think there are as many women bibliobloggers out there as men, but they are not visible. Why? Because many of us women post on subjects that are considered marginal (even heretical, especially if there is any feminist bent) to bible studies by the men who are blogging about the bible. Our blogs are easily justified as unimportant. They remain unknown or unread because they haven’t been linked to by the male bibliobloggers who dominate this blog niche and the field in general, a point that Julia wisely raised in the comments to my last post on this subject. Julia wrote: “But I also wonder about the role of networking and way that many of the blogs in the top tier regularly reference one another. How do we encourage each other’s success, make sure that others find the good work that’s out there?”

J. R. Linville at Dr. Jim’s Thinking Shop has written a response to DeConick’s question. To illustrate his argument, he uses several funny pictures. One that called my attention was “The She-Blogger” picture. If your sense of humor is not up-to-date, you better not read Dr. Jim’s post.

Claude Mariottini
Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary

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