A Slide Presentation on Khirbet Qeiyafa

Yosef Garfinkel of Hebrew University and Saar Ganor of the Israel Antiquities Authority have developed a slide presentation on Khirbet Qeiyafa.

I want to thank Chris Heard for calling my attention to the presentation and for pointing out that I had the wrong picture of Khirbet Qeiyafa in my previous post.

Claude Mariottini
Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary

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2 Responses to A Slide Presentation on Khirbet Qeiyafa

  1. Charles says:

    >I’m having difficulty downloading the entire slide show. It starts to download then stops. Are you or anyone else having this problem?


  2. >Charles,The slide show is a huge file, almost 7 mb. Send me your email address and I will send you the file in a PDF format that may be easier to open.Claude Mariottini


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