>On Vacation

>I will be away for two weeks. My wife and I will be traveling to the Mayan Riviera to enjoy a time of rest and relaxation. I will not be posting to the blog for about two weeks.

My sabbatical project is almost on target. Jeremiah is a fascinating character and his book is rich in imagery. What fascinates me most in the book of Jeremiah is Jeremiah’s struggle with his vocation. Jeremiah was rejected because of his message and he was ostracized because of his insistence that the Lord would not deliver the nation. Jeremiah’s pain and suffering mirrors God’s suffering because of the sins and rebellion of the people. After my return, I hope to write at least one post on the suffering of God in the Old Testament.

Enjoy your summer.

Claude Mariottini
Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary

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4 Responses to >On Vacation

  1. >Enjoy your vacation Dr. Mariottini.


  2. >Hope you enjoy the respite. Peace.


  3. >Celucien,Thank you very much for your words. Mu wife and I had a great time in Mexico.Claude Mariottini


  4. >Milton,Thank you my friend for your good wishes. I needed a rest since I have been working very hard during my sabbatical.I am back now and hope to post again soon.Claude Mariottini


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