How to Dispose of Old Bibles

How to dispose of old Bibles? Many Christians have old Bibles they no longer use. How to dispose of them? Here is a Rabbi’s view of old Bibles:

Old deteriorated Bibles still bear the word of God and the name of God in them. They are old and worn, but they are still vessels of the holy, and so they cannot be disposed of in the garbage with yesterday’s green bean casserole

Read what he recommends about disposing of old Bibles by clicking here.

Claude Mariottini
Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary


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4 Responses to How to Dispose of Old Bibles

  1. John Withum says:

    >I have always found this method far more respectful than what happens to most old Bibles–being left on the shelf or tucked away in an old box to mold and rot.It’s a shame there isn’t some way to rejuvenate them for people in need. But when I think about all the old Bibles that have been sitting around in my grandmother’s house in the five years since her death, I understand that old is old, and there isn’t much that can be done.


  2. Blake Walter says:

    >Interesting that you should post this right before a CNN story came out about an incident of New Testament burning in Israel in a city near Tel Aviv: the New Testaments had been collected by deputy mayor, Uzi Aharon, in an effort to discourage proselytzing, the article indicates that the fire was set by teenagers, not by city officials, who put the fire out before all the New Testaments were burned. What the CNN article does not mention is how Aharon was intending to dispose of the New Testaments after collecting them.


  3. >John,Thank you for visiting my blog and thank you for your comment.Your comment raised a question in my mind that I hope to address in another post. Disposing of old Bibles has been a problem for some people. Maybe the suggestion of the Rabbi has some merits but it raises other issues. The Bible is the Word of God and it deserves our respect. But, is the Rabbi’s proposal the best way to deal with the problem.Claude Mariottini


  4. >Blake,Thank you for your comment and for the link to the CNN article. I am sad to know that people are still burning Bibles. If Christians had done the same thing with the Torah, the act would be called Anti-Semitism. Claude Mariottini


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