>Ethiopian Evangelist Beaten to Death

>Baptist Press is announcing that an Ethiopian evangelist was beaten to death by Wahabbi extremists. The following is the press release issued by Baptist Press:

An evangelist was beaten to death by militant Muslims as he and two female assistants were witnessing on a street in southeast Ethiopia, March 26. The evangelist, named Tedase, is the second believer in Ethiopia who has been attacked and killed by Wahabbi Muslims in the past six months.

The evangelism team was walking by a Wahabbi mosque in the town of Jimma as a group of men were coming out, according to International Christian Concern, a human rights group based in Washington, D.C. The Muslims chased the three, and the female co-workers escaped, but the men caught Tedase, pulled him into the mosque, and beat him to death.

Wahabbi Islam is an extremist sect that originated in Saudi Arabia and exerts great influence in Muslim dominated areas like Jimma, where local authorities are almost exclusively Muslim, the ICC said. Just six months ago, extremist Muslims burned down several churches and Christian homes, displacing as many as 2,000 Christians.

The ICC encourages concerned individuals to contact the Ethiopian embassy in Washington, D.C., to ask for an investigation of the murder. The embassy’s phone number is (202)364-1200, e-mail info@ethiopianembassy.org.

Claude Mariottini
Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary

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