BibleWorks 7

BibleWorks has become an indispensable software for people who work in biblical studies. Teachers, pastors, and seminary students who use this program greatly benefit from the many resources that BibleWorks provides with the click of a mouse.

In February, BibleWorks came out with BibleWorks 7. This new edition of the software has many new additions that are designed to help users take advantage of all the features included in BibleWorks. One of them is the set of study guides which includes four hours of videos explaining how to use BibleWorks and offering help in looking for the meaning of Hebrew and Greek words, in writing exegetical papers, and in preparing Bible studies.

BibleWorks 7 includes 112 Bible translations in 32 different languages, 14 original language texts with 18 morphology databases, 12 Greek lexicons and dictionaries, 5 Hebrew lexicons and dictionaries, plus 30 practical reference works. There are 25 English translations, including the Holman Christian Standard Bible and the NET Bible, two new Bible translations in this new edition of BibleWorks. For those who work in Spanish, there are 7 different translations of the Bible in Spanish.

For teachers who work with the biblical languages, BibleWorks offers the biblical texts in Hebrew and Greek, several lexicons, grammars, reference material in their original languages, and many other reference works designed to simplify the study of the biblical text in their original languages.

For pastors and seminary students, BibleWorks provides maps, dictionary articles, cross references, and many other reference materials that are designed to help prepare sermons, Bible studies, Sunday School lessons, exegetical papers, and even translations of the biblical texts.

The list of tools and features available in BibleWorks 7 is too long to mention here. Let me just mention a few: Hebrew and Greek fonts, lexicon references for a word as the cursor moves over a verse, the ability to look at a verse in several different translations at the same time, and many others.

Additional modules such as The Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament (Koehler & Baumgartner, 4th edition), Theological Dictionary of the New Testament (Kittel, abridged), and several others can be added to the program for an additional charge.

The use of technology in the classroom and in the church has simplified the work of pastors and teachers. BibleWorks makes extensive use of so many resources in one program that students of the Bible can have a whole library of important study tools available to them. This material can be easily searched and utilized with the click of a mouse.

Northern Seminary has made BibleWorks available to our students through the library and the student’s computer lab. Three times a year I teach my students how to use BibleWorks. It is amazing how surprised they are when they learn how many important tools are available in BibleWorks.

The price of the software may be beyond the budget of some pastors and seminary students. However, churches can help their pastors by making this essential tool available to them. I recommend BibleWorks 7 to my students because it is a tool that should be in the computer of every serious student of the Bible. If you want to know more about BibleWorks 7, visit them at For a demonstration of how BibleWorks 7 works, click here.

Claude Mariottini
Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary

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7 Responses to BibleWorks 7

  1. >Because BibleWorks is $350 people may want to consider E-Sword, which is totally free.http://www.e-sword.netCheck it out.


  2. >Dear Cur Deus Homo,Thank you for your comment. E-Sword is composed mainly of public domain works and it is very limited in its capability. People who want to do research using old and new English translations and the original languages will be very limited in what E-Sword can do. It is true, many pastors who cannot consult Hebrew and Greek Lexicons will greatly benefit by E-Sword. Seminary students who do not use the original languages also will find help with E-Sword.BibleWorks is for people who do research and who are familiar with the original languages. It is for people who want to find the meaning of the Hebrew and Greek words behind the English words.I don’t recommend BibleWorks for the occasional user. The occasional user probably can buy cheaper software some place else, or even be satisfied with E-Sword. However, those who are involved in writing and research will discover that BibleWorks is an indispensable tool.Thank you for pointing readers of this post to e-Sword.Claude Mariottini


  3. Anonymous says:

    >Dr. Mariottini,Have you tried the Libronix Scholars Library and if so, how does it stand up to Bibleworks? I purchased Libronix through my school a few years ago and am happy with it. Iv’e often wondered about Bibleworks since I’m the only Bible software geek I know:)Steve GraysonBible Student(currently in OT Survey class)


  4. >Dear Steve,BibleWorks was designed for people who want to do research in either the Old Testament or the New Testament and so was Libronix. Libronix has a lot of material that BibleWorks does not have and BibleWorks has a lot of material that Libronix does not have. The advantage of Libronix is that there are many other books and reference material that use the Libronix system and they are easily incorporated into what is already there.Since you have Libronix, I would not recommend that you switch to BibleWorks. However, if you are planning to become a teacher and do research in either OT or NT, you should also consider adding BibleWorks, but not now, since as a seminary student, you know that finances are limited.Thank you for visiting my web page. Come back again. I welcome your comments.Claude Mariottini


  5. >Dr. Mariottini,Thank you for your reply. I am considering teaching but It’s too early to tell. I teach adult bible study in church and actually bought an old Logos version of lesson works.(Libronix used to be Logos) My point is with all the features in the software in either Libronix or Bibleworks, it would be nice to have a feature that lets you put together a lesson in whatever you are researching or preparing. I suppose this could lead to laziness and reliance on someone elses study material instead of ones own. Any thoughts welcome. Thank You.


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