Biblical Studies Carnival III

Rick Brannan and his Ricoblog has published the Biblical Studies Carnival III, a selection of what he considers to be the best biblical blogs for the month. Rick read several blogs during the month of February and selected what he thought were the best blogs for that month.

I was gratified to know that my dialog with Tim Bulkeley of SansBlogue was selected as one of the best blogs in the area of Hebrew Bible.

Here is what Ricoblog said about my dialogue with Tim:

“While we’re in the area, a few posts in the realm of Hebrew Bible are worth mentioning. Tim Bulkeley of SansBlogue posted asking all sorts of questions regarding an article on Abraham for a ‘coffee table book on the Bible’. There’s so much to say, how to shove it all in to 3500 words? This was shortly after Claude Mariottini posted on The City of Abraham. Claude posted a follow-up to Tim’s post that addressed some things Tim was pondering regarding historicity and how to approach this problem for the presentation in a coffee-table book. Interesting stuff. Tim provided a response concluding, essentially, that writing from a strict approach (e.g. maximalist or minimalist) would be relatively easy; but writing something that walks the fence for popular presentation is more difficult.”

Claude Mariottini
Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary

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