The Sermons of Jeff Griffin

Over the past several months, I have written a series of posts based on sermons preached by Jeff Griffin, my pastor. Jeff Griffin is the Senior Pastor of The Compass Church in Naperville, Illinois. Jeff is a great preacher who loves the Old Testament and archaeology and often uses archaeological discoveries to illustrate his sermons. Jeff has been the Senior Pastor of The Compass Church since 2014. Jeff was a pre-med student at Wheaton College before he sensed God redirecting him into pastoral ministry. Jeff is a graduate from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

Jeff Griffin
Senior Pastor
The Compass Church

Jeff is one of those rare preachers who likes to preach from the Old Testament. It is hard these days to find a preacher who preaches regularly from the Old Testament. A unique characteristic of Jeff’s preaching is that he begins and ends with the text that serves as the basis for his sermons. As one who has taught the Old Testament for more than thirty years, I appreciate this way of preaching sermons from the Old Testament. I give Jeff an A+ for his sermons. It is an honor to cooperate with Jeff on this venture.

All the posts below are based on Jeff’s sermons. These posts on Jeff’s sermons follow a simple format: Jeff preaches the sermon first, then I write a post based on his sermon. My posts will serve as a historical background for Jeff’s sermons and his sermons will be an application of the content of my posts. A link to the video of each of Jeff’s sermons will be included with my posts.


Gideon: Against All Odds

Gideon, A Judge in Israel

Gideon: Against All Odds – Identity

Gideon: Against All Odds – Impact

Gideon: Against All Odds – Dependence

Gideon: Against All Odds – Courage


Nehemiah: Rise Up and Build

Nehemiah: The Man and the Book

Nehemiah: Discontent

Nehemiah: Courage

Nehemiah: Vision

Nehemiah: Cooperation

Nehemiah: Devotion

Nehemiah: Commitment

Nehemiah: Thanksgiving


Esther: For Such a Time as This

The Royal City of Susa

Esther: For Such a Time as This: “God’s Grace”

Esther: For Such a Time as This – Our Mission

Esther: For Such a Time as This – “Our Nightmare”

Esther: For Such a Time as This – “Our Decision”

Esther: For Such a Time as This – “God’s Justice”


Samuel: Lessons From A Remarkable Child – Broken Dreams

Samuel: Lessons From A Remarkable Child – Dedication

Samuel: Lessons From A Remarkable Child – Living Upstream

Samuel: Lessons From A Remarkable Child – Hearing God


Standing Stones: Marking Our Defining Moments – Encountering God’s Presence

Standing Stones: Reconciling With God

Standing Stones: Discovering God’s Greatness

Standing Stones – Returning to God


1. Joseph: Family Dysfunction

2. Joseph: Career Success

3. Joseph: Overcoming Temptation

4. Joseph: Impacting Others

5. Joseph: Enduring Hardship

6. Joseph: Relational Conflict

7. Joseph: Extending Forgiveness


1. David: The Making of A King

2. “David, The Lord’s Anointed – Growing a Heart that Loves God”

2. “David, The Worshiper – Singing a Song to God”

3. “David, The Giant Slayer – Great Things Through Ordinary People”

4. “David, The Military Leader – Taking the High Road”

5. “David, The Obedient Follower – Obeying God in Hardship”

6. “David, The Receptive Student – Listening to Wise Advice”

7. “David, The Subordinate – Respecting Authority”

8. “David, The Resilient Fighter – Finding Strength in God”


1. Shattered: Finding Hope in the Book of Job

2. “What Is Going On? – Job 1–2 (The Prologue)

3. “How Can I Handle This?” – Job 38–41 (The Dialogue)

4. “Why Is This Happening?” – Job 3–37 (The Theophany)

5. “When Will This End?” – Job 42 (The Epilogue)

Claude Mariottini
Emeritus Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary



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2 Responses to The Sermons of Jeff Griffin

  1. Ron Krause says:

    I would love a recommendation on a few books that explain the history within the Bible. I have heard many of Jeff’s sermons and how he shares the history and significance of message and the history to it.

    Thank You


    • Ron,

      The best book dealing with the history of Israel and one that explain many of the events in the Bible is the book by John Bright, “A History of Israel.” The first 50 pages of the book deals with ancient history. It may be difficult reading, but I assure you that you will learn much about the history of the people of the Bible. This book is not for a bedside reading. Read the book slowly and by sections. By the time you finish the book you will come to the time of the Maccabees and the rise of Judaism.

      This is a very good book.

      Thank you for visiting my blog.

      Claude Mariottini


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