>A Special Collection of Hebrew Texts

>Sotheby’s, the famous auction house in New York, is promoting an exhibition of a collection of more than 13,000 books and manuscripts that were collected by Jack V. Lunzer.

The uniqueness of Lunzer’s collection is that all books are written in Hebrew or printed using Hebrew script. According to a news report, “many of them rare or even unique. Most come from the earliest centuries of Hebrew printing in their places of origins and thus map out a history of the flourishing of Jewish communities around the world.”

According to the news report published by The New York Times, some of the books in this collection are very special:

There are extraordinary items on display here, including a Hebrew Bible handwritten in England in 1189 – the only dated Hebrew text from England before King Edward I expelled the Jews in 1290. In 1190, the Jewish community of York was massacred and its property, including many books and manuscripts, was looted and sold abroad, where this volume was discovered.

There is also an exquisitely preserved edition of the Babylonian Talmud (1519-23) made by the Christian printer Daniel Bomberg in Venice, an edition created with the advice of a panel of scholars that codified many aspects of how the Talmud is displayed and printed.

There is also a 12th-century scroll of the Hebrew Pentateuch that came from the Samaritans, a Jewish sect that still exists in Nablus on the West Bank, their ancient Hebrew script resembling inscriptions on archaeological finds rather than the letters that came to define mainstream Hebrew.

This is a unique collection that deserves to be preserved. The collection reflects Mr. Lunzer’s love for books: “Every one of these books I have held in my hands. They’re my friends. I’ll be happy if they are well kept and respected. Every one of these books is crying its own tears.”

The words of a bibliophile.

Claude Mariottini
Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary

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4 Responses to >A Special Collection of Hebrew Texts

  1. >Dear Friend,I have sent you an email with answers to your questions.Thank you for your comment and for visiting my blog.Claude Mariottini


  2. Anonymous says:

    >Your answer to my 2 questions was very detailed but I , my wife, and friends disagree with your accuracy opinion of the OKJ. The OKJ is very corrupted due to tne large number of contradictions in the new testament. We study apocalypticism & plan to open a web this summer. Our city , San Francisco is a hot spot for Isaiah 24 vers 18 & 19 since it is on a fault line & by the ocean. Jere 50 vers 46 as shown by Mechon mamre, is the 2004 Asian Tsunami Earthquake. The number 24 shows clearly in 2004 for the first time since 240 AD. It seems likely then that the 2004 earthquake is Isa 24 and that 2020 or 2024 or 2040 will be vers 20. Vers 18 & 19 must then occur soon before 20. The data we have compiled over several years shows a giant earthquake will occur in 2012 or 2020 which is probably Isa 24 vers 18. If you know of any well written books that give a similiar theory using the 2004/ 24/ Isa 24 coincidence , the titles & authors would be a great help. The end of the world is obviously vers 21 or between vers 20 & 21 which we believe will occur in 2041 or 2061-2068 which is the next pass of Haley's comet. This famous comet appeared in 12 BC shortly before the birth of Jesus in 7 BC,6 BC or 5 BC. Our research so far, about 100 pages of equations, suggests 2061-2068 is more likely than 2041. Thus, it does seem to be connected to Christianity and the 2004 event may be both Mathew 24 and Isa 24 due to this. I have never posted a comment this long on the internet before. My wife, friends & I are impressed by your intelligence shown in many of your posts. There is a big problem , as you know, with Mathew 24, likewise for Mark 13. The "this generation" phrase has been debunked by many experts on the new test. I found dozens of webs declaring that Mathew 24 and Mark 13 are counterfeit chapters created by the early church. The Bradlaugh essay 'Who was……?' published in 1860, is also on a lot of large webs, something I had never seen before. I noticed that some of the major new test. errors shown in this document , are very debunking to the new test. Bradlaugh & Darwin were kings of atheism and there is no doubt that this document is his personal opinion. However some of it is very accurate, and we now seriously question whether any of Mathew 24 and Mark 13 is correct. It seems that the OKJ authors did not try to correct any of the corruption from the early church. This suggests that they may have intentionally magnified borderline errors in the old testament. I noticed that there are hundreds of webs listing huge numbers of errors in the new test. today. I doubt that Christianity can override this attack today and it is going to fall to pieces. The evidence for Jesus is in the great Alaskan earthquake because it occured on Good Friday. It is even named as the Good Friday Earthquake. It was the second largest quake in history, connecting to the secondary god of the bible by the earthquake when Jesus died. This is so obvious that it is impossible to believe this happened by random chance. Most people don't know about this, maybe because it happened in 1964, a long time ago. It could not have been caused by an underground nuclear explosion since the seismic signals are different for underground detonations. Hundreds of books show the seismic signals were normal but the scientific world is not Christian. It is the opposite and this is really strange. We believe that this is due to corruption by Christian preachers who say Jesus was god when he actually declared himself to be less than god. He even said only god can save someone and this is shown in Isa chapter 20 where Jehovah is the savior, not Jesus. However, a verse in the new test. says Jesus is the only name which is ridiculous since Isa 20 is in the Christian bible. The new test. is so contradictory that we cannot understand why this religion did not fall apart centuries ago. We are all Sunday members of Catholic congregations in San Francisco. I believe in this religion due to the 1964 earthquake and experiences in the church. The new test. is a big contradictory mess that can never be repaired. Our web which may start in June or July , is going to carefully look at the 1960 and 2004 earthquakes & show evidence that these also were not underground nuclear explosions. If you have questions about anything in this comment, send an email & also if you know the titles of the books mentioned that we need. If you have a different opinion about Mathew 24/ Mark 13, we would like to see it. These chapters seem to be totally corrupted due to the "this generation phrase". The Revelation seems to be the least corrupted book of the new test. We only study religion on Sat or Sun due to business problems. The Callifornia economy is very bad and getting worse. Your blog is very informative & intelligent.


  3. Anonymous says:

    >I made a mistake in the comment just posted at 5:41 AM. The salvation verse is in Isaiah chapter 12, not 20. I’m sure you already know this. We don’t have a religious blog or web yet.


  4. Schneider says:

    >After reading the comments above, I contacted the commenter. The information is not correct. Underground nuclear testing was common between 1958 and 1974. A world monitoring system did not exist until the 1990’s [wikipedia: underground nuclear testing: monitoring] Russia and the USA were doing large underground explosions in 1964 causing quakes of unknown size. They did not stop this nuclear testing until the 1974 Test Ban Treaty. The 1960 and 1964 quakes were caused by Russian/French/American underground testing. These were the two largest quakes in a thousand years. Underground nuclear testing started only eight years before, in 1952. The first of the three “apocalyptic” quakes, in 1952, happened only a few days after the first thermonuclear explosion in the Marshall Islands. A test on a “holy day” or the day after would hide a larger than normal quake, a common side effect of these tests. The destruction then appears to be miracle. The Good Friday Quake was a Russian/American underground test that went wrong. Apocalyptists have been using these 3 quakes for thirty years to construct doomsday theories. The 1976 China quake, second most deadly ever known, was also an undergrounnd test. China refused to stop their underground tests until the 1996 Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. The Asian Tsunami Quake is the difficult one to explain. China or Russia used some kind of advanced secret technology or it was caused by the devil. The old testament says a lot about sorcery. -H.Schneider


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