>George Bush Was Not the Antichrist

>Yesterday at noon, just as required by the Constitution of the United States, Barack Obama took the oath of office and officially became the 44th President of the United States. The peaceful transition of power between George Bush and Barack Obama is a proof that George W. Bush was not the Anticrist, the False Prophet, or the Beast.

I make the statement above aware that many people firmly believed that George Bush was the Antichrist. On June 6, 2006 (06-06-06 or 666 for short), a day called “The Day of the Antichrist,” I wrote a post, “Is George Bush the 666 (the Antichrist)?

My post was written in response to a post written by Stephen Hanchett who developed a theory based on the letters in the name George Bush and concluded that when the letters are added up, the name in Hebrew comes out to 666.

In his post, Hanchett wrote:

“I submit to you that George Walker Bush is the ANTI-CHRIST. The violence and destruction that began when Bush first entered office, is now certain to culminate in the apocalypse, as predicted in the Bible over 2,000 years ago.”

My post on George Bush generated almost one hundred comments. Some readers agreed with my conclusions, while the majority agreed with Hanchett and declared in many different ways that George Bush was the Antichrist. I got so tired of debating with Bush haters that I promised that on January 21, 2009 I would write again on this subject.

I am not a prophet, but the peaceful transition of power proved that my interpretation of the Bible was right and that those who said that Bush was the Antichrist were wrong. Below, I have selected a sample of the comments of those who believed that Bush was the Devil incarnate.

Stephen Hanchett wrote:

“It’s obvious that the horns represent the powerful men who have come to successively rule over this American empire. Daniel even says so quite explicitly Dan 7: 24 >the ten horns are ten kings who will come from this kingdom. After them another king will arise, different from the earlier ones. (the Antichrist) America acquired superpower status and gained the reach of a world class Empire when it acquired the nuclear bomb, at the very end of WWII. Since then there have been exactly ten >kings= or post war presidents: Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, BushSr, and Clinton. The prophecy from Daniel says that after these ten presidents, there will appear another one, an arrogant ‘little horn’, which is the Antichrist, George W Bush Jr. It says this ‘little horn’ is unlike any of the other ten presidents, and this is an obvious reference to the fact that Bush has no popular mandate, that he lost the popular vote, and was appointed to the office by five un elected judges on the Supreme Court. This has never happened before in American history, and that’s what makes him so different from all his presidential predecessors – that and his arrogance, dishonesty and lust for world power.”

My response:

Anyone familiar with the interpretation of the book of Daniel realizes that most of the interpretation above is nonsense. The book of Daniel is an apocalyptic book that was written to inspire the Jewish community to endure the hardships the community was facing because of the oppressive policies of Antiochus Epiphanes.

Anonymous wrote:

I have read Hatchett’s book and have found it to be extremely accurate. I am also a Baptist. Although, W is not Mabus (because Mabus first dies, then the antichrist is revealed) I do believe W is the antichrist. He will fool even the elect, so stay on guard at all times. Pray for everything. Believe in God above all else.

My response:

If you believe that Hatchett’s book is extremely accurate, then, you either misread what he wrote or else you want to believe what he wrote. You say that you believe W is the Antichrist. When January 2009 comes, you will discover how wrong you are.

Anonymous wrote:

george walker busche(actual spelling of his name, in english, numerically is: 666) is the antichrist. he has turned nation against nation, regular american people against each other, he has killed countless people and small animals. He talks peace out of one side of his mouth, and death and war out of the other. MABUS(Suddam, anagram for MABUS) has been hung, now or shortly, the antichrist will show his true colors and you will all know what I have suspected all along. Pray and be alert all you elect.

My response:

You and all those who say that George Bush is the Antichrist need to study your Bible a little bit more. Two years from now when Bush leaves the White House and becomes just another ex-President, you and all those who believe that he is the 666 will have a lot of explaining to do. It is because of people who misinterpret the Bible that the world laughs at the church and Christianity.

Anonymous wrote:

Maybe Bush intends to make himself the King of Iraq, who knows? Just keep a watch and be on guard.

My response:

In response to this comment I wrote a post entitled George W. Bush, King of Iraq

A reader wrote:

When I first saw the world famous film Conan The Barbarian, I knew then, based on my years of research on The Bible, the occult/satanists/secret societies, and all the other banned texts from The Bible, that The Biblical Antichrist was a man named Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger.

George W. Bush is The Biblical False Prophet. The most vile and evil liar I have ever seen. He will implement the 666. He is the leader of the Great Beast (USA) or what the Muslims call “The Great Satan.” He will give power and authority over to Arnold. Exactly what Bush is, is Satan in human form.

Another reader wrote:

I accept that bush is the Anti-Christ. He is on the team with those who commit terror against their own people, and then blame it on a foreign power. 9/11 was a clear example of this.

Anonymous wrote:

The global reach of Bush is most certainly open for the possibility of him being an antichrist. In a way I could see this being a real possibility. He (with our military has subdued 2 kings and the bible states that the antichrist will subdue 3 kings. Bush has authorized and congress has already passed the real ID to be issued in 2008 which of course is not far off from an implantable chip. With the power grab Bush has created, it wouldn’t take anything more than another imagined terrorist attack for him to stay in power.

A reader wrote:

A nuclear war or other giant catastrophe, such as the nuclear destruction of an American city by terrorism, could easily enable Bush to continue for another 4 years. This would then put the final apocalypse near the famous doomsday date, 2012.

A reader who calls himself “The Second Coming of Christ” wrote:

As the Second Coming of Christ….I can say with ALL “certainty” that George W. Bush IS INDEED the 3rd AntiChrist. When a person is the President of the United States ….. you aren’t just supposed to do what you “think is best for America.”

Anonymous wrote:

Beware of bush and the fascist government he has established in the U.S. bush may actually be the antichrist with Pat Robertson as his false prophet.

My response to several readers:

To all of you who posted comments to this post:

Thank you for your comments, opinions, and observations. Some of your ideas and views are too far out for me to respond.

In a few months the man will be out of office and at that time, all of you who believe George Bush is the Beast, the Antichrist, the False Prophet, Azazel, and a few other evil characters of history will have to confess that you were wrong.

An Anonymous who disagreed with my view that George Bush was not the Antichrist wrote:

Dr. Mariottini you are stupid, deluded, blind and arrogant.

My Response:

I may be all these things, but at least I know the Bible.

Claude Mariottini
Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary

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9 Responses to >George Bush Was Not the Antichrist

  1. >I guess now you will have to turn your attention to all those chuckleheads who are claiming that Obama is the antichrist.Meanwhile, let’s pray for the day when people learn to interpret apocalyptic literature correctly, as well as a time when people learn to disagree with a political figure without calling him or her the antichrist.


  2. >Kevin,I hope people will not call Obama the Antichrist, but this is already happening. Some church people have a tendency to see evil in the actions and words of people with whom they disagree.Obama has been the President for only one day. We must wish him well because the failure of his Presidency can have a deleterious affect in the life of our nation.Claude Mariottini


  3. anthony says:

    >tq for taking so much time to debunk those poor guys who seriously believed bush was the antichrist. they don;t seemed to have learnt from the lessons of history wher emany such claims have been proven wrong through time.now that they are proven wrong, they may just coveniently revise their arguments and obama ends up as the next choice.


  4. >Anthony,Thank you for your comment. The problem with so people is that they bring their own ideas into the Bible and thus see in the Bible what is not in the Bible.I am sure that Obama will be a popular subject for many false prophets.Claude Mariottini


  5. Kevin says:

    >It’s amazing to me how so many believers can be so all over the map when it comes to end time/anti-christ/and so on views. I assume that most would say that they take a literal approach to interpreting scripture, and not leave much room for allegory, yet, they seem to take a little scripture here and a little there and mix it with the latest can’t miss end time “I have it figured out” books to come up with a can’t miss revelation. Some of you may remember, “Eighty-Eight Reason Jesus Will Return in 1988” followed up by the classic, “Oops, Sorry, Eighty-Nine Reasons Jesus Will Return in 1989…” Here is my prediction: One day Jesus will return to this earth in the same manner in which He left it, and when He does, we will know it!!!!


  6. Anonymous says:

    >The main root of this whole argument seems to be two things. Bible illiteracy and a lack of biblical world view. Although you could say the bright spot ahead is that the next generation of Christians don’t cling to the absurd versions of eschatology as much. Most of this attachment to eschatology seems to stem from the fear that existed during the cold war I think. While eschatology is important to our understanding of the bible It shouldn’t be our main focus. Only the father knows the time so it is just better for us to run the race by staying focused on the great commission. I did enjoy this blog post though. I guess we will see what comes out over the next 4 years.


  7. >To Kevin and to Anonymous,Both of you have a good point. The reason many people come up with absurd interpretations of the Bible is because they take the text out of context, as Kevin pointed out, and because of biblical illiteracy, as anonymous pointed out.If people knew the Bible a little better and if they had a better understanding of how to interpret prophetic and apocalyptic texts, they would not come up with these absurd interpretations.Thank you for visiting my blog.Claude Mariottini


  8. Anonymous says:

    >Dear Dr. Mariottini, In the book of Daniel, four horns are mentioned, I think 3 small horns and one large horn that comes up from the middle of the smaller ones. I was always taught that horns are representations of siblings or close family members. Have you ever heard of horns being interpretted in this way? A reply would be grateful.


  9. Anonymous says:

    >Why are so many people saying that Obama is the antichrist? Do they think the antichrist would look like Obama? He is so feared and hated among the GOP, why is that?


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