>Who Is the Engineer?

>Last week, I was going through some old papers and I found a puzzle that has been one of my favorites for years. The puzzle has nothing to do with the Old Testament, but I love it. So, I decided to give you a chance to solve this puzzle. Read the puzzle below and discover who the engineer is. As you read the puzzle, you must take into consideration that every fact is important and must be considered in solving the puzzle.

Who Is the Engineer?

On a train, Smith, Robinson and Jones are the fireman, brakeman and engineer, but NOT respectively. Also, aboard the train there are three businessmen who have the same names: a Mr. Smith, a Mr. Robinson and a Mr. Jones.

1. Mr. Robinson lives in Detroit.

2. The brakeman lives exactly halfway between Chicago and Detroit.

3. Mr. Jones earns exactly $20,000 per year.

4. The brakeman’s nearest neighbor, one of the passengers, earns exactly three times as much as the brakeman.

5. Smith beats the fireman at billiards.

6. The passenger whose name is the same as the brakeman’s lives in Chicago.

Who is the Engineer?

Solve the puzzle and give the rationale for your answer. You can leave a comment on the post or you can send an email with your answer.

The answer to the puzzle will be posted on Friday.

Claude Mariottini
Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary


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4 Responses to >Who Is the Engineer?

  1. >DT,That is great. Most people take much longer than this.Claude Mariottini


  2. >Do the clues maintain the convention of listing the businessmen as “Mr.” and the train workers by merely last name?


  3. >Milton,The answer is yes: the passengers are listed as Mr. and the the workers are listed by name.Claude Mariottini


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