>Stealing Your Blog

>Do you know that some people may be stealing what you write and making money with the content of your blog? This is happening every day. As Elinor Mills wrote:

This is automated digital plagiarism in which software bots can copy thousands of blog posts per hour and publish them verbatim onto Web sites on which contextual ads next to them can generate money for the site owner.

Do you want to know more?

Read: Please don’t steal this Web content.

Read also: Finding Stolen Content and Copyright Infringements

Claude Mariottini
Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary

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2 Responses to >Stealing Your Blog

  1. >It is an all-too-common event these days. If you discover that your content is being taken, let me know and I’ll see what I can do to help!


  2. Roger Pearse says:

    >Well, I’ve had it happen too. But I don’t mind, since I don’t think that I’m missing out on any real money. Greedy and self-centred as I undoubtedly am, I really don’t feel short-changed.I tend to think that we need to resist the urge to charge in shrieking “mine! mine! where’s the lawyers!” if we find someone using our material. That isn’t how the internet got started! It started with free copying and no copyright. Yes, people copy stuff. But just imagine an internet where none of us could copy anything! Imagine having to write letters asking for permission for everything we quote. It would be a nightmare. It would kill the net.If our thoughts have commercial value, then we need to sell them ourselves. If someone mirrors my blog posts, well, I don’t mind a bit. My name gets more widely known, that’s all.To complain that such a mirror includes marginal ads seems a bit petty to me. Lots of sites do this.So I really don’t agree with the thrust of all this. How much money are we talking about? Do we really care? If we do, are we publishing on the right medium?Let’s not torpedo the whole internet in desperate fear that someone, somewhere, might make tuppence from our work.Or is that wildly complacent?[This comment is copyrighted and anyone who quotes even a single preposition from it will be sued for 3bn dollars by teams of bored, salivating New York lawyers with excessive greed complexes on a no-win no-fee basis.]


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