Psalm 151

In my post on the “The Canon of the Old Testament,” I mentioned that the Orthodox Bible contains one extra psalm, Psalm 151.

This psalm appears in some manuscripts of the Septuagint as a genuine psalm of David and counted as part of the collection of biblical psalms. In other manuscripts, however, the psalm appears as supernumerary, that is, the psalm is not numbered among the biblical psalms. Since many people have never read Psalm 151, I have decided to post the psalm as an addition to my post on the canon.

The title of psalm in the Septuagint reads:

“This psalm is ascribed to David as his own composition (though it is outside the number), after he had fought in single combat with Goliath.”

The translation of Psalm 151 below comes from the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV):

1 I was small among my brothers, and the youngest in my father’s house; I tended my father’s sheep.

2 My hands made a harp; my fingers fashioned a lyre.

3 And who will tell my Lord? The Lord himself; it is he who hears.

4 It was he who sent his messenger and took me from my father’s sheep, and anointed me with his anointing oil.

5 My brothers were handsome and tall, but the Lord was not pleased with them.

6 I went out to meet the Philistine, and he cursed me by his idols.

7 But I drew his own sword; I beheaded him, and took away disgrace from the people of Israel.

Claude Mariottini
Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary

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