The April 2019 Biblical Studies Carnival – Second Call for Submissions

I am hosting the April 2019 Biblical Studies Carnival. Carnival #159 will be published on May 1, 2019.

Since I am hosting the April 2019 Biblical Studies Carnival, I welcome your suggestions for the most outstanding blog posts during the month of April. You can suggest your own posts or you can recommend outstanding posts from other blogs.

As I receive your recommendations, I will read the posts and select the best posts for the April Carnival. Please, send recommendations and submissions to drmariottini at gmail dot com.

Thank you for your help.

Future Carnivals

The June 2019 (Due July 1) will be hosted by Jim West, @drjewest

The July 2019 (Due August 1) will be hosted by Lindsay Kennedy, @digitalseminary

The August 2019 (Due September 1) will be hosted by Amateur Exegete, @amateurexegete

We still need volunteers for September 2019 (Due October 1) through the end of the year. If you would like to host a future Biblical Carnival, please contact Phil Long at plong42 at gmail dot com.

Claude F. Mariottini
Emeritus Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary

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10 Responses to The April 2019 Biblical Studies Carnival – Second Call for Submissions

  1. bobmacdonald says:

    Here’s a great post’s-academic-neighbor
    I also note that Jim Davila is not blogging for a while. I will miss his contributions.Such as this
    Autumn light has a note on the Song of Songs
    Christopher Page did 47 posts on James!
    I did a note on Christmas Easter Day I also looked at light and words related to it in the Bible

    just a few ideas for your consideration. Looking forward to the carnival.


  2. bobmacdonald says:

    A couple more appeared today:
    I wish I had the energy and certainty that I might have had in the days of my zeal – but now I see its difficulty and I tend toward the mute button


  3. bobmacdonald says:

    I like the fact that each of them has translated for themselves and out of their own perspectives the whole canon. I doubt that I would like either translation. I have been quite critical of Alter’s translations that I have seen for the same reason that I am critical of all translations – they compromise concordance more than necessary. For instance my analysis here.

    I may be wrong, but I try and substantiate my decisions through the data we all have in front of us. Alter makes a claim, but he does not reveal enough information to clarify this claim.


    • Bob,

      I agree with you. Sometimes we alter what the text has to say in order to communicate a message to people today. One good example is John Goldingay’s translation of the bread of the presence. He translated it “flat bread.” I don’t like this translation because it does not communicate the real meaning of the Hebrew expression.

      Claude Mariottini


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