A Special Word to Readers

Dear Readers,

For personal and professional reasons, I have taken a long sabbatical from blogging on a regular basis. It is unnecessary to explain my absence from the blog world and from writing about an area of study where my love is.

I have been involved in Old Testament studies all of my life. I enjoy teaching the Old Testament and I enjoy preaching from the Old Testament. One of the greatest delights of my professional life as an Old Testament professor is writing about the Old Testament.

Although I have been away from my blog, I have not been forgotten by you the reader and by hundreds of former and present students. Almost every day I receive emails and comments on my blog about posts I have written and requests to return to blogging on a regular basis.

I have to confess that during these many months of being away from the blog, I have not taken the time to answer your emails and the many comments left on different posts of the blog. I sincerely apologize for this failure to respond promptly to your comments. However, I will respond to each one of them, including those which were written months ago. It may take some time to answer all of the comments, but I can assure you that all of them will be answered.

I will return to blogging on Monday, May 2. At the beginning I may not post every day, but the goal is to return to posting to the blog every day, including weekends.

One thing that I am committed to do is to complete the series of studies that I began but never finished. For instance, one reader asked me when I would finish my series on suicide in the Old Testament. That series was never finished. However, in the weeks to come I will write the remaining posts on that series. I will do the same with other series I began and never finished.

I take this occasion to thank each one of you who subscribes to my blog. It is because of your encouragement and your words of support that I am returning to posting regularly. If you are a new reader to my blog, I want to welcome you. I hope my future posts will not disappoint you as you and I develop a deeper appreciation for the Old Testament.

Claude Mariottini
Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary

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14 Responses to A Special Word to Readers

  1. Olusina Osoba says:

    We are expecting to hear from you soonest.


  2. Bob Lewis says:

    Great to have you back!!!!!



  3. Andrew Gfford says:

    Good to hear, as I do wish to get your thoughts on the understanding of the Glory of God, in the OT verse the NT.


  4. Your blog is exceptional in the best ways! Though I do not know you personally, I have missed you. May the LORD bless you and keep you.


  5. Nyasha Madzokere says:


    On 4/25/16, Dr. Claude Mariottini – Professor of Old Testament


  6. Craig Baugh says:

    I was just thinking the other day that I had not read anything for awhile. When I noticed your post from 3 May, I looked back to find this post. So glad you are returning to blogging, but take it easy and don’t place too much burden on yourself. Over the years you have been a true gentleman in your responses. I appreciate that very much. While I was in Berlin, you helped me out in my ministry on several occasions. Thank you. We are in Denver now working with a new church in a non-preaching role. May God lift you up and give you peace.


    • Craig,

      Thank you for your words of encouragement. I think we had some exchange while you were in Berlin. It is nice to hear that you are in Denver involved in ministry. May the Lord bless you as you continue to serve him. I am glad to know that my posts were of help to you in the past.

      Claude Mariottini


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