Mummies at the Oriental Institute

Mummified Eagle

Image: Mummified Eagle

Credit: Oriental Institute

In a previous post I mentioned about the new virtual tour of the Oriental Institute Museum. If you have not yet taken the virtual tour, I encourage you to do so. Better yet, visit the Oriental Institute Museum and learn much about the ancient Near East.

Did you know that there are 89 mummies at the Oriental Institute? There are 76 animal mummies and 13 human mummies at the Oriental Institute. They are divided as follows:

Animal Mummies: 76

Birds 29
Crocodiles 27
Parts of crocodiles 6
Cats 4
Snakes 2
Shrews 2
Monkey paws 1
Unidentified 5

Human Mummies: 13

Complete 7
3 males
3 females
Unknown 1
Parts of the body (disembodied hands, feet, and heads) 6

You can read what Egyptologist Emily Teeter has to say about the mummies by clicking here.

Claude Mariottini
Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary

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