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Today Northern Baptist Seminary begins its last week of classes for the Fall Quarter.  And what a quarter it has been for me!  My academic responsibilities were the heaviest I ever had in all of my years of teaching.  I am glad the quarter is almost over, so that I may return to a normal schedule.

I generally teach two courses per quarter.  This quarter I taught five courses.  This extra load meant that I had to practically work seven days a week reading for classes, preparing lectures, reading and grading papers, and doing a host of other things that demanded all the time I had for extra-curricular activities.

One thing that suffered was my commitment to blogging on a regular basis. In order for me to write my blog, I like to read books and articles before I write on the topic of my blog.  With the little time I had available during this quarter, I tried to write at least one post every Monday, but even this was impossible, since I had to spend Saturdays and Sundays preparing for two classes on Monday.

Another thing that suffered was my sabbatical.  I was scheduled to be on sabbatical during the summer and fall of this year, but because I promised several of my students that I would teach Hebrew this quarter, I had to postpone my sabbatical until the summer and fall of 2012.  During the Christmas break I will be preparing my sabbatical proposal.  At the present, I am not at liberty to give details of my sabbatical proposal, but I hope that by the end of December 2012, I will have finished the manuscript for a book I plan to write during my sabbatical.

As some of you know, I have a web page which I have not updated in many years.  With the help of a friend who knows how to create web pages, I am in the process of upgrading my web page.  The redesigned web page will be a way for me to offer resources to pastors and students that they can use in their work.

It will take some time for me to be able to completely develop my web page.  One of the things that will be new is that my blog will now appear on my web page.  This means that sometime this month, my blog will move again.  I will still be on WordPress, but the URL of my blog will change once again.

Changing an URL is very inconvenient.  I have many people who follow my blog regularly.  Many bloggers have linked their blogs to my blog.  Updating blogs takes a lot of time.  I just hope my readers and fellow bloggers will continue to visit my blog, even if they have to update their blog roll or have to re-subscribe to my new blog.

Tomorrow I will return to my regular blogging schedule.  My post on Tuesday will continue my series on Deuteronomy.  If you have not read my first post on Deuteronomy yet, here is the link: The Social Concern of Deuteronomy – Part 1

Thank you for understanding my absence from blogging.  I hope this kind of absence from blogging will not happen again.  I enjoy blogging and I also enjoy dialoguing with the readers who take time to comment on my posts.

Speaking about comments: I have also not made any response to comments made on my blogs.  For this, I sincerely apologize.  As I return to my normal activities, I will also respond to every comment made to my posts in the past few weeks.

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8 Responses to Return to Blogging

  1. Craig Baugh says:

    Let me know if you come to Germany on your sabbatical. You can make a visit to Berlin and stay with us. I look forward to your return to blogging and your revised webpage.


    • Craig,

      I may just take you at your word. I have never been to Germany (unless you count a stop at the airport in Frankfurt a visit to Germany). I am glad to be able to return to a normal schedule. I love teaching but the extra work this quarter was just too much.

      Thank you for the support and encouragement.

      Claude Mariottini


  2. Rason says:

    Happy to hear of your return.

    My RSS feed had been rather quiet lately with the exception of Duane Smith’s “Abnormal Interests” blog. So far, yours, Smith’s, and Robert Cargill’s have been the few blogs that I have found interesting enough to read regularly.

    I have labelled your RSS feed in my browser as “OTG8R – Dr. Claude Mariottini”
    (“OTG8R” as in “OldTest-igator”) to go with Cargill’s “XKV8R – Dr. Robert Cargill”
    which is followed by a link to “xkcd – A Webcomic” (which is xkcd’s own label). Unfortunately, I haven’t yet thought up a good label for Smith’s feed (I guess, for now, it’ll just have to be the /abnormal/ one of the group).

    In short, yours is one of my three favourite blogs, and I’m glad to hear of your return.


    • Rason,

      Thank you for sponsoring my blog. I am happy to know that you enjoy my posts.

      My blog has moved to my new web page. Visit the new site of my blog, read my post today, then subscribe to my blog and receive all my posts as they are published. My new site is Dr. Mariottini.


  3. Good to hear all is well Claude… I always enjoy your finds of major archaeology happenings…
    Did you see the recent update on the Hong Kong people and New Support for Alleged Noah’s Ark Discovery
    I wondered if you knew of Dr. Joel Klenck… Ron


    • Ron,

      First, let me apologize for the delay in answering your comment. I stopped blogging for a while and then worked on my new web page. It has taken me several days to answer all the comments in my blog. I really appreciate your comment.

      Thank you for the link to the article about Noah’s Ark. I do not know Dr. Joel Klenck.

      My blog has moved to my new web page. Visit the new site of my blog, read my post today, then subscribe to my blog and receive all my posts as they are published. My new site is Dr. Mariottini.


  4. Alexi George says:

    Blog on! And thank you so much.


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