Hell and Mr. Fudge

I just returned from Houston where I attended Edward Fudge’s lecture on “The Fire That Consumes: A Biblical and Historical Study of the Doctrine of Final Punishment.”  His lecture was based on the topic which is the basis for his book which carries the same title.  The book, now in its third edition, has been revised and enlarged to include Fudge’s dialogue with several authors who disagree with his views.

I had never met Edward Fudge.  However, after spending a few days with him, it seems that I have known him for many years.  Edward is a committed Christian, a humble man who loves the Lord, and a man who is on a crusade to present the real teachings of the Bible concerning hell.

Since most people have never met Edward Fudge, let me quote a short biographical sketch about him that appeared in the program announcing his lecture:

Edward William Fudge is an evangelical Christian theologian, who enjoys talking about Jesus and explaining the Bible in churches, schools and other venues, across Christendom and around the world. The author of more than twenty books, with articles published in leading Christian journals, Edward also writes gracEmail, an internet column now in its fifteenth year.  After earning undergraduate and graduate degrees in Biblical languages, and a doctorate in jurisprudence, Edward also practiced law fulltime for more than two decades, primarily with the Lanier Law firm.  He and his wife Sara Fay have been married 44 years, have two children and five grandchildren and live in Katy, Texas.

The lecture was presented in a beautiful Byzantine chapel in Houston.  I will have more to say about this chapel in an upcoming post. The chapel seats 275 people, but the organizers prepared room for 800 people in adjacent buildings with video feed.  When the registration opened for the lecture, 800 people registered in the first three weeks.  The organizers had to close registration after three weeks because they could not hold more than 800 people.

I have read Fudge’s book and I will review it next week.  Before I review the book, I can say that Fudge’s conclusion is based on extensive research and solid scholarship.  Any serious student of the Bible will be challenged by his solid exegesis of the text.  It is this exegesis that provides the biblical support for his conclusion.

The life of Edward Fudge has been an inspiration to many people, so much so that a movie is in production about Edward’s life detailing the struggles he has faced in presenting a view of Hell that has encountered much opposition by some Christians.

The movie is titled “Hell and Mr. Fudge.”  You can view a preview of the movie by clicking on the link below.

Link for the movie: Hell and Mr. Fudge.

I was fortunate to have been invited to participate in the lecture. I can honestly say that I was deeply impressed by Edward Fudge.  I wish I had an opportunity to have spent more time with him to learn more about his life as a pastor, a teacher, a lawyer, and as a writer.

Read my previous post on Fudge’s book: The Biblical Doctrine of Hell: Another View

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10 Responses to Hell and Mr. Fudge

  1. Bobby says:

    I’m looking forward to your review of Dr. Fudge’s book…though I suspect you won’t be disagreeing emphatically with the “extensive research and solid scholarship” of “a committed Christian, a humble man who loves the Lord” 🙂


    • Bobby,

      Thank you for your comment and for your participation in this dialogue with Fudge’s book.

      You may be right, but both J. I. Packer and John Stott are committed Christians and two humble men who love the Lord, but they take different sides on this issue. One can use “extensive research and solid scholarship” and still be wrong. Whether or not I accept Fudge’s view will not be because of my description of him as a good Christian, but on the merits of his argument and whether his argument meets the biblical principle of truth. Remember, as Christians we stand on the side of Scriptures on any issue we discuss.

      My review will be published next week. Read my review and then let us continue our dialogue.

      Claude Mariottini


      • Bobby says:

        Point taken — and I’m looking forward to your review even more 🙂

        FYI, John Stott finished his earthly race this past July (July 27, 2011 to be exact).


      • Bobby,

        I knew about the death of John Stott. I was out of the country when that happened and I was unable to report it. Stott was a great evangelical leader.

        Claude Mariottini


  2. Craig Benno says:

    I look forward to your review. The video clip you linked to shows a powerful testimony of someone who moved forward despite the cost… Whether or not we agree with Fudge…I think Christian charity is needed for all we engage with.


    • Craig,

      I agree with you. Sometimes we may disagree with a brother or a sister and our disagreement becomes an opportunity to criticize and ostracize a different perspective on an issue of interpretation. The review will come next week.

      Claude Mariottini


  3. Steph says:

    I am in the movie Hell and Mr Fudge cast as an extra. I also own the black 1961 plymouth fury seen in the video preview. I was also on the set the 1st day of filming but my car was filmed that day . I was filmed on the 26th of June. I met folks like John Wesley Shipp, Mackenzie Astin, Sean Mcgowan, Tom Hillman Keri Lynn Pratt, Eileen Davidson, and Wes Robertson . I had a pleasure meeting them and I said this to myself I made new friends that day.
    There will be a scene were my 1961 fury will be backing out of a parking space and leaving a church parking lot. I will be driving the car in this scene.


    • Steph,

      I want to congratulate you for being an extra in this movie. Whenever the movie comes out, I will be looking for your car and then I will brag to my friends that the owner of that car reads my blog.

      Thank you for this interesting information. I hope your friendship with the people who were in the movie will last for a long time.

      Claude Mariottini


  4. Anne says:

    I found Mr. Fudge’s gracEmail several years ago when I was struggling with a family problem – searching the internet for help. I’ve since read The Fire That Consumes. This book and Randy Alcorn’s Heaven have changed my viewpoint on both heaven and hell. I suggest you read both with an open mind, with a Bible beside you for reference. I enjoyed the movie clip. I was not aware of Edward’s backgound. I’ve enjoyed our email friendship and am looking forward to the movie. I hope this movie leads more people to read his book.


    • Anne,

      Thank you for your comments. I have read Fudge’s book but have not read Alcorn’s book on Heaven. I will sure check it out. Mr. Fudge is a wonderful man whose ministry has blessed thousands of people over the years. I am glad to know that you have been blessed by Edward’s ministry.

      Thank you for visiting my blog.

      Claude Mariottini


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