The Skeleton of Mona Lisa

Image: The Mona Lisa

Archaeologists have found a skeleton in a convent which they believe it is the remains of the woman who was the model for the famous  portrait of Leonardo da Vinci known as the Mona Lisa.

CBS News

Archaeologists searching for the remains of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa have uncovered a skeleton that may belong to the mysterious woman.

The skeleton was unearthed in a Florence convent where researchers are searching for the remains of Lisa Gherardini Del Giocondo, the women believed to be the model for da Vinci’s famous painting. Based on an early look at the cranium and pelvis, the skeleton appears to be female, Bologna University anthropologist Giorgio Gruppioni told news agencies Friday, May 27.

Read the story in its entirety here.

Claude Mariottini
Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary

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5 Responses to The Skeleton of Mona Lisa

  1. Michele Beck says:

    Forgive my ignorance Professor. However, why do they need to find her or prove it is her. Is it not enough for us to see the painting and just enjoy it for the work of art that it is. What benefit comes from identifying this as the model? Why unearth other graves to prove it? I don’t understand why they need to prove it is her. Am I missing something? Am I that naive when it comes to archeology?


    • Michele,

      Human beings are just curious about the unknown. Since the Mona Lisa has been and intriguing and mysterious woman behind the painting, people want to know more about her. The woman who posed for the painting has attracted curiosity for many years. The “need to know” thing is what has opened the doors to many discoveries in the past.

      Claude Mariottini


      • Dianah says:

        I’m with Michele..what is the significance? By this discovery….what other doors have opened which would lead to a benefit for humanity?


      • Dianah,

        Thank you for your comment. The truth is: there is no benefit for humanity. However, human beings are just curious and we do not like to live with mysteries. For many years people have been asking: who was the Mona Lisa? If the skeleton is Mona Lisa’s, now we may know more about her.

        Claude Mariottini


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