I Am Moving

On August 16, 2005 I began blogging and my first post was posted on Blogger. I have been blogging with Blogger ever since. When Blogger decided not to support FTP, I decided to stay with Blogger by creating a subdomain to my blog, but no longer.

I have decided to move my blog to WordPress. The change may create a lot of inconvenience for me and for the readers of this blog. However, after evaluating both platforms, I have come to the conclusion that both the readers and I will be better served with the change.

I do not know when the change will take place. I have to change my existing nameserver with my domain registrar. Once the change is made and WordPress transfers my blog, my blog will no longer be available at this address.

Hopefully, the new address at WordPress will be http://claudemariottini.org. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you the date when the change will be effective. If all goes well, by next week I should be found at WordPress. Until then, I want to thank you for your support in visiting, reading, and recommending my blog to others.

Claude Mariottini
Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary

UPDATE: The new blog address is already up.

Claude Mariottini
Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary

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6 Responses to I Am Moving

  1. >I started out on Blogger and far prefer WordPress. I hope you have a smooth transition.


  2. >If you don't want to risk losing subscribers you could redirect doctor.claudemariottini.com to claudemariottini.com and that would solve it… most nameserver services will do that easily.


  3. The Watcher says:

    I like the new look, Doctor.


  4. Joel H. says:

    Welcome to your new blog-home.



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