>In Search of Atlantis: It is the Biblical City of Tarshish

>Simcha Jacobovici, the Naked Archaeology, has claimed that the Biblical city of Tarshish is the lost city of Atlantis. His claim is based on the work of Professor Richard Freund which has been presented in a documentary aired on The National Geographic Channel. Freund has been excavating the old Spanish city of Tartessos located in southern Spain.

Below is an excerpt of a report published in The Jerusalem Post:

Hartford University Prof. Richard Freund’s work in uncovering Atlantis is the subject of the documentary Finding Atlantis, which the National Geographic Channel began airing this month. The film was largely an Israeli creation, produced in part by Israeli producer Simcha Jacobovici.

According to Jacobovici, “it is generally acknowledged that the Biblical Tarshish is what the historians call Tartessos, which was in southern Spain. In the Tanach, Tarshish is a great city with a huge navy, with silver and gold. Jonah sails towards Tarshish. Solomon has naval expeditions with Tarshish. Tarshish disappears from the Biblical record. Tartessos disappears from the historical record.”

Says Jacobovici, “Tarshish is Atlantis itself.”

Below is a video featuring Professor Freund:

I have to say that I do not believe that Atlantis was the Biblical city of Tarshish. I saw the documentary and was not convinced that Atlantis was in Spain.

Claude Mariottini
Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary

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