The Hebrew Stones of North America

According to a news report in the Columbus Dispatch, a recently released DVD, The Lost Civilizations of North America, explores archaeological findings in North America and compares them to ancient civilizations in Egypt, Rome, and Israel. The documentary was featured in the Glenn Beck television program.

The following is an excerpt from the report:

A major focus of the documentary, and Beck’s television segment, were the Newark Holy Stones. Discovered in the 1860s by David Wyrick, a Licking County surveyor, the stones contain Hebrew writing and are used by some to prove the link between the prehistoric Americans and Old World civilizations.

The Columbus Dispatch also reports that several archaeologists have released a letter declaring that the producers of the DVD are promoting unsubstantiated claims and that their work represents “fringe archaeological belief.”

As for the Hebrew stones, archaeologists have concluded that they are a fraud and that the stones were carved in modern times. I have not seen this documentary, but I am sure that the documentary is another attempt at proving that the ten lost tribes of Israel came to America some time after the fall of Samaria in 722 B.C.

Read the news report in its entirety here.

Claude Mariottini
Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary

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