>NIV2011 comparison with NIV1984 and TNIV

>Robert Slowley from Cambridge, UK, has created several web pages to help people compare the many differences between the new NIV2011 with the NIV1984 and TNIV.

Slowley has produced tables for each book of the Bible showing where particular verses in the NIV2011 differ from the other editions of the NIV.

According to Slowley’s statistics, here is the result of the comparisons:


If you want to know more about the difference between the NIV2011 and the NIV1984, visit Slowley’s web site. I want to thank Robert Slowley for his work on the revised NIV.

Claude Mariottini
Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary

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4 Responses to >NIV2011 comparison with NIV1984 and TNIV

  1. RobHu says:

    >Just to clarify – I had nothing to do with the actual translation of the NIV2011, I just happen to be an interested enthusiast who is also a computer programmer…. I've significantly updated my NIV2011 comparison pages. I've improved the wording, fixed the colouring in of changes (and made it clearer), made some of the tables clearer, fixed some mistakes that made some of my numbers slightly off, and have added more explanatory text.Perhaps the biggest additions though are these two new pages:Top 250 added / removed words:http://www.slowley.com/niv2011_comparison/most_added_removed_words.htmlTop 250 most changed verses:http://www.slowley.com/niv2011_comparison/most_changed_verses.htmlYou can also look at the details of the changes within a book (this was always there, but some people didn't realise), e.g.http://www.slowley.com/niv2011_comparison/Genesis.htmlThe start page itself can be found @http://www.slowley.com/niv2011_comparison/It's also worth knowing that John Dyer has made a series of similar (excellent) pages:http://donteatthefruit.com/2010/11/niv-2011-every-last-change/-RobHu


  2. RobHu says:

    >I've just updated it again. The measure used for how different a verse is has been improved, and you can now see every instance of when a word has been added / removed.For instance here is the list of every time the word 'humankind' has been added or removed when going from the TNIV to the NIV2011:http://www.slowley.com/niv2011_comparison/words/tniv_humankind.htmlThe full list of changed words can be found here:http://www.slowley.com/niv2011_comparison/most_added_removed_words.html-RobHu


  3. RobHu says:

    >My computer generated comparison of the NIV2011 with the TNIV and NIV1984 has had many major updates:http://www.slowley.com/niv2011_comparison/1. Greek text – now includes the SBLGNT with apparatus2. Hebrew text – HBS text included (experimental)3. Most changed verses list compared with both TNIV and NIV1984:http://www.slowley.com/niv2011_comparison/most_changed_verses_tniv.htmlhttp://www.slowley.com/niv2011_comparison/most_changed_verses_niv1984.html4. List of (possible) proper noun changes:http://www.slowley.com/niv2011_comparison/proper_noun_changes.html5. List of word changes relevant to the gender language debate:http://www.slowley.com/niv2011_comparison/cbmw_words.html6. List of all words in text (warning: page is very large)http://www.slowley.com/niv2011_comparison/all_words.htmlPlus many many bug fixes, improvements in presentation, and other minor fixes.-RobHu


  4. >RobHu,Thank you for this information. I hope the reades of this post will appreciate your work.Claude Mariottini


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