>A Must Read: Computer Security for Churches

>Brian Kreb, a writer for the Washington Post, wrote an article on computer security that church people must read. Here is an excerpt from his article:

Imagine being in charge of your organization’s finances, and learning from your bank one morning that thieves had stolen tens of thousands of dollars from company coffers overnight using your online banking credentials. Now imagine your frustration when you go to log in to your PC to assess the damage, only to find that the computer you typically use to access the account has been kneecapped by the bad guys.

This is precisely what happened to Kathy Dake, office manager for St. Isidore Catholic Church in Danville, Calif. Dake had infected her PC with the Zeus Trojan after opening a malicious e-mail disguised as notice from the IRS about “unreported income.”

The thieves used Zeus to steal the credentials Dake uses to administer the church’s bank account, and a week ago Friday she came in to work to find her computer would not boot up; Windows complained that key files had been corrupted. That same day, she also found out from her bank that in the wee hours of the morning someone had tried to transfer $87,000 out of St. Isidore’s account. The attackers had instructed the bank to send the funds to more than a half dozen money mules, willing or unwitting accomplices across the country hired through work-at-home job scams.

The first rule of computer security is: do not open those unsolicited emails from the IRS, your bank, or people you don’t know.

The second rule is: read Brian Kreb’s article and know what is happening in the world of computers and the problem of computer viruses.

Claude Mariottini
Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary

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2 Responses to >A Must Read: Computer Security for Churches

  1. Wes Widner says:

    >This just goes to illustrate why large organizations need to place an intentional priority on computer security. Especially in our digital age.Another things I would add, since I work in this are with McAfee, is that viruses aren't the only security concern that needs to be taken into account in regards to security. There are many different attack vectors, making a comprehensive and integrated security solution absolutely vital.


  2. >Wes,Thank you for your comment and for the warning about computer security. I use McAfee and although I feel secure, I know that even with McAfee, I must be careful with what is out there.Claude Mariottini


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