>Messianic Jews v. Homosexuals: The Law Suit

>Michael Decker, the Senior Legal Advisor to the Jerusalem Institute of Justice, in an article published in Israel Today, has an article about the controversy between Messianic Jews and homosexuals over the issue of same-sex marriage. The following is an excerpt from the article:

Several months ago, a same-sex couple petitioned the courts in Israel in an attempt to sue the religiously affiliated commune Yad Hadmashona for punitive damages. According to the petitioners, the moshav prohibited them from holding their marriage celebration on its premises. Clearly, this subject strikes personal discord for both parties—the couple aims to expunge all forms of supposed discrimination and intolerance, while the institution struggles to function successfully within the parameters of its belief system.

Founded in 1971, Yad Hashmona was presented to the state of Israel as a gesture of solidarity by Finland. Today, the grounds function as a commune and serve the public by running a guesthouse, convention center, and banquet hall, which the couple sought to rent for their celebration. Administrators seek to maintain a specific religious ethos and as a result place limits on the type of events renters wish to host. Now, because Yad Hashmona denied its services for the purpose of a same-sex marriage celebration, the commune faces a moral and legal dilemma.

While this decision is not a reflection of the commune’s feelings regarding homosexuals as individuals or citizens of the state, it is a direct reference to the institution’s devotion to the sanctity of marriage. Forcing Yad Hashmona to allow such events would defile the community’s fundamental beliefs, business would be destroyed and Yad Hashmona may cease to exist.

Read the article in its entirety by visiting Israel Today’s webpage.

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