>Brazil, Here I Come

>In a few hours I will be traveling to Brazil to visit family and friends. Unfortunately, the rest of my family will not be able to travel with me this time. I am going to Brazil to visit family members who are very sick and relatives who are elderly. It is possible that the trip may turn out to be an occasion to say good bye to a lot of people.

While in Brazil, I may have the use of the Internet, but I will not be blogging. This means that I will not be posting to the blog until I return.

Enjoy your summer!

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Dr. Claude Mariottini


Claude Mariottini
Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary

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3 Responses to >Brazil, Here I Come

  1. >Be careful and enjoy your visit! I'll miss your posts while you are gone.


  2. >God be with you.


  3. >Bitsy and Milton,Thank you for your words. I had a wonderful time in Brazil and I will begin posting again on Wednesday.Claude Mariottini


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