>The Religious Oppression of Chinese Christians

>In a previous post, I called attention to the intense persecution Christians in India are enduring from people who are forcing them to worship Hindu gods.

Now, comes the story of a Christian family suffering horrendous persecution in China. According to a story published by ChinaAid, the son of a pastor was severely beaten with iron bars. Because I want Christians to read about the brutality perpetrated against Christians in China, I am reproducing below the story as reported by ChinaAid:

BEIJING – Zhang Jian, the oldest son of Pastor “Bike” Zhang Mingxuan, regained consciousness in the ER room Beijing Min Hang (Aviation) Hospital. Zhang Jian was severely beaten with iron bars at his mother’s home for 25 minutes by 15 Public Security Bureau (PSB) officers on October 16, 2008. The family was then evicted and their furniture thrown into the street. ChinaAid has been in constant communication with this family facing severe persecution by the Chinese government.

China Aid’s president, Bob Fu, spoke with Zhang Jian this morning. He is still in very serious condition. His right eye is severely wounded and doctors are not sure if he will regain his sight. His nose bone and eye bone are both broken and doctors say he needs further CAT scans and surgery. Even though his physical condition is very bad, Zhang Jian has left the hospital because PSB officers have been watching him there, and he was afraid for his safety. He went to his brother’s home, but PSB officers followed him. The officers warned Zhang Jian and his brother, Zhang Chuang, not to leave the apartment before October 20, the date of the celebration Pastor Bike organized for the third anniversary of the Chinese House Church Alliance. Meanwhile, ChinaAid has received several calls from different house church leaders who have also been warned not to go to Beijing or attend the celebration.

Zhang Jian’s mother was ordered by police today to take care of the furniture and personal items that officers threw into the street during yesterday’s attack on the family. The family is struggling financially to pay for the hospital bills, food, shelter and legal help. China Aid is working to send emergency help to Zhang Jian and his family.

Police have also attempted to shut down the house church where Zhang Jian’s father preaches. On October 10, police sealed the door of the church and blocked it with two truckloads of garbage. Officials are blocking anyone wishing to enter, even though on September 28, officials gave permission for the house church to meet. They have also cut off the electricity to the church.

The physical assault on Zhang Jian is the most serious of the recent attacks on Zhang Jian and his family. During the past 22 years, Zhang Jian’s father, Pastor Bike, has been arrested 26 times, beaten and evicted from his home numerous times because of his faith. Despite the persecution, this family continues to boldly preach and help the house church Christians.

To view photos of the Pastor Bike’s sealed house church doors which police blocked with piles of garbage, click here.

Julia Duin, religion editor for the The Washington Times wrote in her blog:

You know, they say that silence implies consent, so this blog at least will complain and complain about some of the religious repression that goes on and on and on around the world.

I join Julia and scream as loud as I can against religious persecution in India, China, and other parts of the world. Maybe, if others join us in complaining against religious repression, the sound of our voices may make a difference and help those who are being oppressed because of their faith.

Claude Mariottini
Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary

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  1. >If it’s any consolation, Muslims don’t have it much better.


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