>The Lost Tomb in the News

>The Lost Tomb is “pop archaeology

Archaeologists and clergymen in the Holy Land are denying that the claims in the documentary produced by James Cameron contradict major Christian beliefs. “The conclusion by the filmmakers that the bone boxes showed Jesus had a wife and son is ‘pop’ archaeology.”

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The Lost Tomb: Made-for-TV Religious Scholarship

Dr. McCane, a Professor of Religion at Wofford College, wrote:

This is not scholarship; it’s marketing. These programs go for the quick buck. In their world, the boring old-school scholarly disciplines of research, writing and peer review are replaced by Web sites, publicity campaigns and book tours. If responsible scholars criticize these programs, pointing out glaring errors of fact and logic, market-savvy promoters are ready with smooth talk about “hearing both sides” or “staying open-minded.” They ask, “what are the scholars afraid of?” or they say (as they did Monday), “this is just the beginning.” Real scholarly knowledge about the Bible and archaeology takes a back seat. Everything is crafted to generate interest, to create viewers, to make sales.

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The Lost Tomb: Belief Exploited in Faux Documentary

The hype surrounding this latest show, and the lack once again of accepted publication and peer review protocols, only heightens the sense that the new documentary is more Erich Von Daniken than Ken Burns.

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Claude Mariottini
Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary

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2 Responses to >The Lost Tomb in the News

  1. tuffy says:

    >dr mariottini -i subscribe to mostly blogs of Christians, and so i see a lot of people posting news items pointing out the lack of true scholarly and archaeological significance to the Jesus tomb claims… and so besides what they filmmakers have put out themselves i haven’t heard anything supportive. have you come across any articles that portray it in any sort of positive light?i’m just curious what may be out there that i’ve missed.much love,tuf


  2. fencekicker says:

    >”Real scholarly knowledge about the Bible and archaeology takes a back seat.”If real scholarly knowledge is taking a back seat its because the scholars have placed it there. This is the age of information, an age in which scholars have the tools to teach “the real knowledge” to vast numbers of people in fun and interesting ways. I have been studying the “real scholarly knowledge” about the the formative years of Israel for many months now, and I am frustrated at how little of this knoweledge is readily available to the common person. If we want to know, we have to go digging for it. Why don’t those who have this knowledge enlighten the world? Whether or not Jacovici’s information is correct, he is filling the void. That is what makes his programs so popular. fencekicker


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