>The New Virgin Birth of Christ

>The BBC is reporting that three Scottish sisters insured themselves for one million pounds in case they became the new virgin mother of Jesus Christ at the occasion of Christ’s second coming.  The insurance was taken in order to cover the expenses of bringing up Christ if one of them was chosen to become the virgin mother.

In order to receive the insurance money, the woman who becomes the new mother of Jesus Christ has to prove that the child is actually Christ.

This is an amazing story!  I just wonder: how do you prove that you gave virgin birth to a baby boy?  Now, that is a tough question, and I do not have a good answer that will satisfy anyone.

And how do you prove that your baby boy is Jesus Christ?  Maybe you just need some swaddling cloths, a manger, a few shepherds, and some kings bearing gifts.  But, all of these things have already been done.

I am glad that the burden of proof that the new baby is Christ rests with the women.

Read the story by clicking here.

Claude Mariottini
Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary

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2 Responses to >The New Virgin Birth of Christ

  1. >And just why is it that they think Jesus will come back the same way he came the first time, when he said that he’ll come the way he left rather than the way he first came?


  2. >Jeremy,Good question! The answer is, I guess, people who do not know the Bible create in their minds their own views and ideas of what the Bible should say or teach. It just goes to show that people who say they believe in Jesus, have no idea what Jesus said or taught.I think it is very scary. Somehow, the church is failing these people.Thank you for your comment.Claude Mariottini


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