>An All-Religion Baseball Team

>It is amazing how the Bible and religion have entered popular culture.

Jim Sandoval, a writer for the Madison Record has compiled a list of baseball players whose names are either associated with the Bible or with religion in general.

For instance, Sandoval writes:

Going to the Old Testament we have NOAH Lowry, MORDECAI Brown, HOSEA Siner, ABRAHAM Nunez, Mose SOLOMON, AMOS Cross, John and Wally MOSES.
In the New Testament we have John TITUS, Travis BAPTIST, and SALOME Barojas. Paul and Peter could be represented by Valerio de los SANTOS (of the Saints).

Church leaders include the POPE (Dave), a CARDINAL (Conrad), and some BISHOPs (Frank, Max, Charlie, Jim, Lloyd and Bill). Others include an ARCHDEACON (Maurice) and the DEACON body (Jones, McGuire and White)

And there are more. For a list of the names of those players included in the all-religion baseball team, click here.

I just wonder: what would happen if we could put all these athletes with biblical names together on a single team, let us say, the Angels? Would the Angels, an all-religion baseball team, win the World Series?

Claude Mariottini
Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary

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