Praying for a Fellow Blogger

Every day I receive an email that lists all the updated blogs I read.  One of them is Transforming Sermons written by Milton Stanley.  Milton is a pastor of the Lexington Church of Christ in Virginia.  Every day, Milton comments on blogs that are written to help ministers become better ministers.  So popular is Milton’s blog than more than 200 sites link their blogs to Transforming Sermons.

Milton has had an amazing career. He has served as pastor of churches in Virginia and Tennessee.  He has also worked for the U. S. Department of Energy, has served as a newspaper writer and editor, and was an English and mathematics teacher.

I have never met Milton, but we have had so many exchanges of ideas through emails that I consider him to be a good friend.  This is the beauty of the blogworld: although we may not know each other, we become familiar with one another by visiting with each other every day through blogging.

On March 6, Milton published a very personal and moving blog.  The response of Milton’s readers to his blog has been amazing, which again demonstrates the popularity of Milton’s work.

I would like to ask you a big personal favor.  Visit Milton’s blog, read his post, and then pray for him and his family.  Those of us who share part of ourselves through our blogs must unite at this time and express our support for a fellow blogger.

Now, click here and read Milton’s post.

Thank you.

Claude Mariottini
Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary

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3 Responses to Praying for a Fellow Blogger

  1. >Thanks, Claude. I am touched by your kindness. Thank you so much for your prayers. Peace.


  2. >P.S. Now I see why I’ve had so many visitors the past couple of days!


  3. >Milton,My desire was just to bring together a group of people who enjoy blogging to express our love and concern for a fellow blogger.You are in the prayers of many people around the world. May the Lord bless and prosper your ministry.Claude Mariottini


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