The Location of Solomon’s Temple

The Temple built by Solomon has been the object of wonder and fascination.  Many conservative and evangelical Christians, especially those who follow a dispensationalist theology, believe that before the second coming of Christ, the Jewish people will rebuild the Temple.  According to this view, the rebuilding of the Temple will happen shortly before or perhaps after Christians have been raptured.

A new controversy has developed in Israel on the precise location of Solomon’s Temple.  The issue has developed because scholars cannot agree on how long a cubit was.  In antiquity, the people of Israel and most people in the Ancient Near East used the cubit as a unit of measurement.  However, there are different ways of measuring a cubit.  That is the reason people today have a problem understanding and measuring the cubits mentioned in the Bible.  This is the reason scholars have a problem identifying the precise location of Solomon’s Temple.

In a recent article, “Do you know what Noah knew: How long is a cubit?”  Richard, N. Ostling, a reporter for the Associated Press, discussed how different measurements of the cubit have produced three different theories for the possible location for Solomon’s Temple (click here to read the article).  Those who are interested in this subject will enjoy reading this article. (NOTE: The article is no longer available).

Claude Mariottini
Emeritus Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary

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