Book Review: “The God of the Old Testament”

A few days ago, Baker Academic sent me two books for review. The first book is The God of the Old Testament, written by R. W. L. Moberly. The second book is God’s Messiah in the Old Testament, written by Andrew T. Abernethy and Gregory Goswell.

Both books are very informative and deserve more than just a brief review. For this reason, I will provide a detailed review of The God of the Old Testament. In the past few years there has been a revival in the study of the God of the Old Testament. Most of these studies deal with the problem of divine violence and the problem of theodicy.

Moberly’s book is an attempt at introducing the God of the Old Testament to readers. As he mentions in the introduction of his book, “I set out as my thesis that the entire book is to be read as an exposition of the phrase ‘know that the Lord is God’” (Psalm 100:3). Since I believe that it is important to know that God of the Old Testament, I will dedicate one post for each chapter in Moberly’s book.

In introducing Moberly’s book, Jon D. Levenson, professor at Harvard University, wrote: “These graceful and pellucid essays, informed by their distinguished author’s impressive learning and his gentle and generous Christian commitments, shed precious light on what is perhaps the most important subject in the study of Scripture—the nature of the God to whom they testify. I recommend the book highly.”

I hope you will follow the posts about the God of the Old Testament. After I finish reviewing Moberly’s book, I will review the second book, God’s Messiah in the Old Testament.

These are the eight posts on The God of the Old Testament:

1. “The God of the Old Testament: An Introduction

2. “The Wise God: The Depths of Creation in Proverbs 8.”

3. “The Mysterious God: The Voice from the Fire in Exodus 3.”

4. “The Just God: The Nature of Deity in Psalm 82.”

5. “The Inscrutable God: Divine Differentials and Human Choosing in Genesis 4.”

6. “The Only God: Surprising Universality and Particularity in 2 Kings 5.”

7. “The Trustworthy God: Assurance and Warning in Psalm 46, Jeremiah 7, and Micah 3.”

8. Conclusion

Claude Mariottini
Emeritus Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary

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5 Responses to Book Review: “The God of the Old Testament”

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  2. RaPaR says:

    I look forward to the second book, “God’s Messiah….” and I hope it’s taken from a translation of the original Hebrew if not from Hebrew itself. It should point out that Jesus was NOT the messiah of the Old Testament.


  3. zenodamascus says:

    Greetings, Dr. Mariottini.

    Thanks for taking time to provide a detailed post on this OT Theology volume. I look forward to your reviews!




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