Ancient Jewish Scrolls

According to a report published in The Jerusalem Post, several ancient Jewish scrolls were found in a cave in Afghanistan.  Below is an excerpt from the report:

One scroll, whose replica was shown to the cameras, is apparently a dirge written for an important person whose identity has not been determined.

“Where has he gone?” read the text. ”His family members are now alone.”

Besides the song of mourning other texts said to be found include an unknown history of the ancient kingdom of Judea, passages from the book of Isaiah and some of the works of Rabbi Saadia Gaon, a medieval sage.

Read more about this discovery.

Here is the link: Ancient Jewish Scrolls Found in Afghanistan

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Topics:  Archaeology, Ancient Jewish Scrolls, Ehud Yeari, Haggai Ben-Shammai, Geniza, Shmuel Bar Yosef

Claude Mariottini
Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary

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