Back to the Beginning

On August 16, 2005, with the encouragement of my son J.R. Mariottini, I began blogging. At that time my son took time to develop my web page and was born. Since then, more than a million people all over the world have read my posts.

It is gratifying that so many people read my blog regularly. This is the reason why I try to provide material that educates and inspires. My goal is to teach Old Testament/Hebrew Bible to as many people as possible. It is my desire to help people develop a deeper appreciation for the Old Testament so that they might learn how to love the scriptures of Ancient Israel.

Over the years I had to change the address of my blog more than once, and always against my best judgment. The first time was after Google bought Blogger. Several months after the purchase, Google decided that they would no longer support FTP. That forced me to acquire a new sub-domain with Blogger: I remained with Blogger for several more months.

At the encouragement of several bloggers and considering the limitations of Blogger, I decided to blog with WordPress. At the time I changed platforms, I had to change the address of my blog and as a result was born.

It has always been my dream to revamp my web page so that I could provide additional resources to the readers of my blog. Recently, in conversation with Greg Henson, Chief of Institutional Advancement at Northern Seminary, I expressed my desire to improve my web page. Greg has much experience with web design. Working with David Pohlmeier of Rhyolite Design, Greg was able to redesign my web page. Today is the first day the redesigned web page is published.

So, today I go back to the beginning. Six years ago I began with and today I return to I would like to thank by son J.R. Mariottini, Greg Henson, David Pohlmeier, and readers from around the world for the help, encouragement, and support in this endeavor of love. I just hope that this redesigned web page and blog will continue to challenge readers to become better students of the Old Testament.

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