Blogging and Teaching

As you have noticed, this quarter I have been unable to post to the blog on a regular basis.  The reason for this lack of consistency is that this quarter I am teaching an extra load here at Northern Seminary.

There are several reasons for teaching this extra load.  Without bothering you with much detail, I just want to say that my goal was to help new students succeed in their seminary education.  When the administration of the seminary asked me to teach two extra courses designed to help new students overcome the shock of the academic requirements they encountered when they come to seminary, I thought hard about the invitation, but in the end, I decided to accept the invitation and teach those extra courses.

I did not know that this extra load was going to be so hard and time consuming.  As a teacher, I like to do extra preparation in order to teach my classes.  Every quarter I try to read new books and articles related to the classes I am teaching.  When you teach an extra load, this ideal becomes an impossibility.

As a result, something had to give.  When you work seven days a week preparing for classes, when you have to read papers and grade assignments on a consistent basis, one or two areas have to suffer.

What has suffered is the time to write posts to publish on the blog.  I have tried to publish something new every Monday.  I have also tried to post during the week, but because I am reluctant to post items that are not related to the Old Testament, I have refrained from posting.

This situation will continue through the second week of December, when the Fall quarter ends. I have been doing some reading (not much) on two or three different topics that I think will be of much interest to readers of this blog.  This means that I will use my Christmas break to develop these series of posts and will begin posting them regularly after the New Year.

On Monday, November 7, 2011, I will post an article “The Social Concern of Deuteronomy.”  This paper was a Faculty Convocation presented to the faculty of Northern Seminary on March 10, 1998.  I have never published the convocation.  The topic of the lecture is one that fascinates me.

This faculty convocation was presented to the faculty, staff, and students of Northern Seminary at the occasion of the publication of my commentary on Deuteronomy.  I hope you enjoy this lecture.  Although the lecture was given 13 years ago, I believe that the topic of the lecture is still relevant to students of the Bible in the 21st century.

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3 Responses to Blogging and Teaching

  1. Ryan says:

    Teaching is a noble pursuit. I’d rather wait two weeks between posts for a quality post on biblical hermeneutics while you devote your talents to teaching! Keep up the good work on your blog, and don’t worry I’ll look forward to your next posts when you have the time to write.



    • Ryan,

      First, let me apologize for the delay in answering your comment. I stopped blogging for a while and then worked on my new web page. It has taken me several days to answer all the comments in my blog. I really appreciate your comment.

      Thank you very much for your words of encouragement. I hope you will continue visiting my blog.

      My blog has moved to my new web page. Visit the new site of my blog, read my post today, then subscribe to my blog and receive all my posts as they are published. My new site is Dr. Mariottini.

      Claude Mariottini


  2. Alexi George says:

    Always enjoy your writing. It is inspiring and instructive. Please continue as much as possible. You are an encouragement to younger OT instructors like me. Thank you.


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