Chinese Christians’ Plan to Evangelize the Muslim World

Julia Duin, in an article published in the Washington Post describes how Chinese Christians are planning to bring the gospel and the message of Christ to the Muslim world. The following is an excerpt from the article:

Although today is the dawn of the Chinese New Year, most people are unaware that Chinese Christians are gearing up to be the world’s most potent missionary force.

China? Christians? Sure enough. For decades now they’ve had plans to evangelize the Muslim world that lies along the old Silk Road route. This could be one of the most ambitious missionary enterprises in 2,000 years of Christianity. No national church has amazed the world as much as that of the Chinese. From 1 million at the time of the Communist takeover in 1949, it’s grown to 100 million followers, a breathtaking growth in 60 years.

Evangelical Chinese Christians have come up with a way to evangelize a large portion of the world that will never see a western missionary. These are countries with large Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu populations, most of them located somewhere along a 7,000-mile route stretching from Xian in central China to the cities of Jerusalem, Antioch and Istanbul in the Middle East. Those were the ancient terminuses of the famous Silk Road.

Mission experts estimate there are some 2 billion people in these countries who’ve never heard of Christianity. And what nationality has businesses and enterprises in every nation on the Earth? And which is the most populous country with the fastest-growing church? Starting several decades ago, Chinese Christians began to strategize how to secretly plant churches along this Silk Road through an initiative called the Back to Jerusalem movement. The idea was to start businesses in countries from India to Iran that would never suspect that the Chinese grocer or restaurant owner down the street would like to convert them.

Duin’s article is a must read. Let us pray for our Chinese brothers and sisters as they carry out their plan to bring Christ to the Muslim world. Read the article in its entirety here.

Claude Mariottini
Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary

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3 Responses to Chinese Christians’ Plan to Evangelize the Muslim World

  1. namastenancy says:

    >I had no idea that Christianity was so strong in China or that they have plans to bring Christianity to the Muslims. I pray that they are successful. We all need his message – Not Jihad, not hatred, bigotry and violence but the words of the Prince of Peace, compassion and forgiveness. Thank you for this information. I'm passing it along to several of my friends and my sister who is a much better Christian than I am.


  2. >Namastenancy,It is amazing how Christianity is growing in China. In a few years, China will become the largest Christian nation in the world.May the Lord use the Chinese people to reach the Muslim world. Let us pray for them as they go out as the Lord's missionaries.Claude Mariottini


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