BibleWorks 8

I am a great fan of BibleWorks. I began using BibleWorks with version 5 and then upgraded to version 7 and enjoyed every moment of it. I have written all my posts for the blog using BibleWorks. I have even written a post on BibleWorks 7. In two other posts, I mentioned how BibleWorks helped me in my research (here and here).

Every quarter I teach my students at Northern Baptist Seminary to use BibleWorks. Every quarter I teach a seminar to entering students on how to succeed in seminary and on how to do research and write better academic papers. One of the components of the seminar is on how to use BibleWorks. Most students are not familiar with BibleWorks, but when they learn how to use it, they are amazed with the amount of information BibleWorks provides and how easy it is to use all the resources available in BibleWorks.

BibleWorks now has come out with BibleWorks 8. I was fortunate to receive a copy of BibleWorks 8 for review. I have taken a seminar on BibleWorks 8 and have been using it now for three months. Next week I will write two posts on BibleWorks 8. In those posts I will introduce the contents of BibleWorks 8 and how to use this new version.

BibleWorks 8 is for scholars, pastors, and anyone who wants to study the Bible, prepare sermons and Bible studies, and do research on biblical themes or any specific topic. One of the students in my Hebrew course is a pastor who uses BibleWorks in his studies and he also is enthusiastic about using BibleWorks.

For more information about BibleWorks 8, visit their web page here.

Claude Mariottini
Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary


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5 Responses to BibleWorks 8

  1. anthony says:

    >same here. started with ver 5, then 7 and now 8. but definitely under-using it as there are many features available but still trying to get round it.


  2. Kar Yong says:

    >I've enjoyed BW since I was a student at seminary. It was version 3.5 then, then upgraded to 6, 7 and now 8.Possible to share how you teach your students to use BW in the seminar? Both Anthony and I are trying to get our students to use BW for their exegetical papers and research.I can be reached at thanks!


  3. >Anthony,BibleWorks have videos that teach users how to use its features. It is worth taking the time to learn because there is so much resources and aids available to students in BibleWorks.Claude Mariottini


  4. >Kar,Thank you for your comment. I will send you an email and let you know how I teach my students to use BibleWorks.Claude Mariottini


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