>I Am Back

>I am back, sort of.

A few weeks ago, I stopped blogging in order to finish writing my Self-Study report for the seminary. I was not planning to return to blogging until March, but so many things that interest me are happening that I felt a compulsion to blog again. Blogging is habit forming, I guess.

Last Saturday I linked my post to an article published by the Associated Baptist Press on evangelicals. A friend of mine sent me the information because he knew I am interested in the definition of the word “evangelical.” The truth is, that so many people use the word “evangelical,” that the word has become meaningless.

Then, another reader sent me a link to an article about the professor who was fired because she was a woman teaching Hebrew to seminary students. I will be addressing that issue soon. Two other readers sent me links with suggestions for future posts. I am fortunate to have readers who keep me informed on issues of interest.

The problem I face is that I am still writing my Self-Study report and probably will not finish writing it until mid-March. This means that my writings will be limited. By this I mean that I will be reacting to items in the news and try to write on Old Testament topics as time allows me.

And here is my quote of the day:

Representative James E. Clyburn, a Democrat from South Carolina, is the leader of a “’faith working group’” in the House. The purpose of this group is to help Democrats get more comfortable with value-related issues. Talking about the aims of the group, Mr. Clyburn said: “That’s Old Testament Bible, taking care of widows and orphans.”

I like that: “Old Testament Bible.” Only in Washington!

Claude F. Mariottini
Professor of Old Testament
Northern Baptist Seminary

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